A sadomasochist survey of Europe: survey form

Table of Content


What is the legal situation in your country concerning SM?

Criminal code / legal for minors?

Regulations/obstacles for SM-organisations

Labor court rulings

Child custody cases / divorces

Censorship / media regulations


What is the perceived attitude of the society concerning SM?

Are there any celebrities who are openly out?

Is there a fair reflection of SM in the media or do they cater to known prejudices?

How does society react to SM injuries or accidental deaths? To deaths/abductions resulting from people disregarding limits and boundaries?

How are relations to special interest and professional groups (feminism, marriage counsellors/mediators, churches and confessions etc.)?

Is it common to be out amongst non-prominent people, i.e. people who are no celebrities, politicians etc.?

Science / Medicine

Is SM considered a mental disorder?

Is there any SM-related research?

SM-Groups and organisations and media

How many organisations are there approximately?

What are the largest/oldest/most influential organisations?

Is there an umbrella organisation?

How good is the networking between organisations?

Is there cooperation between predominantly gay, lesbian, hetero and omnisexual groups?

Are there print magazines, publishing houses, radio stations, cable TV catering specifically to sadomasochists?

Do groups try to gain political influence to improve the situation of sadomasochists?

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