A sadomasochist survey of Europe

At Datenschlag, we are trying to establish a fact compilation on the situation of european sadomasochists. This includes perceived attitudes of society, medicolegal facts and major organisations. The aim is to aid in trying to gain influence in the law-making process and to foster awareness of the possibilities realized in other european countries.

Towards this goals, we need the input of persons and groups throughout Europe. Please take the time to fill out our survey. Please indicate if you are willing to be listed as a contact. It does not matter if you feel able to fill out all of the questions - partly will do just fine. You can come back at any time to provide updates or add information.

And please do not hesitate to inform us if you feel there are important questions missing.

Countries we have collected information about:

Additionally, we are compiling material on sexuality-related legislature in different countries. Can you help us in adding data?


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