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Hier findet sich ein möglichst umfassendes Literaturverzeichnis zu BDSM-Themen, sowohl wissenschaftliche Literatur als auch Sachbücher und Belletristik. Über Ergänzungen freuen wir uns natürlich: neue BISAM-Einträge können hier angelegt werden. Für Beiträge, Korrekturen, Ergänzungen und Einblick in private Sammlungen danken wir insbesondere tph, Wolf Deunan, Elmar Schlüter, Valentin Sitzmann, Inge Schwarzer, Margit Huber.

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[ABB81] Abel, Gene G. / Blanchard, Edward B. / Barlow, David H., 1981
Measurement of sexual arousal in several paraphilias: The effects of stimulus modality, instructional set and stimulus content on the objective
Erschienen in: Behaviour Research and Therapy, Bd. 19, Nr. 1, 1981, S. 25-33
Kurzbeschreibung:  "Determined the effects of instructional set (become aroused or suppress arousal), stimulus modality (videotape, audiotape, slides, free fantasy), and deviant or nondeviant (i.e., paraphilic or nonparaphilic) stimulus content on sexual arousal (measured by penile plethysmograph) of 6 different groups of paraphilics - pedophiles, rapists, exhibitionists, homosexuals, sado-masochists, and fetishists. Results from 48 males (ages 16-52 yrs) show significant main effects of instructional set and stimulus modality (videotape was more arousing), as well as several complex interactions of diagnostic group with the other independent variables." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Ale81] Alexander, M., 1981
Passion Play
in: SAMOIS (Hrsg.): Coming to Power; Writings and Graphics on Lesbian S/M, S. 228-242
Verlag: Alyson Publications, Boston
[Bar81] Barker, V., 1981
Dangerous shoes, or what's a nice dyke like me doing in a get-up like this?
in: SAMOIS (Hrsg.): Coming to Power; Writings and Graphics on Lesbian S/M, S. 101-104
Verlag: Alyson Publications, Boston
[BWH81] Bell, Alan / Weinberg, M. / Hammersmith, S., 1981
Sexual Preference: Its Development in Men and Women
Verlag: Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana
[Bel81] Bellwether, J., 1981
Love means never having to say oops: A lesbian's guide to s/m safety
in: SAMOIS (Hrsg.): Coming to Power; Writings and Graphics on Lesbian S/M, S. 69-79
Verlag: Alyson Publications, Boston
[BC81] Berlin, Fred S. / Coyle, Genevieve S., 1981
Sexual Deviation Syndromes
Erschienen in: The Johns Hopkins Medical Journal, Bd. 149, 1981, S. 119-125
Standort: Magnus-Hirschfeld-Archiv für Sexualwissenschaft, Berlin
[BL81] Blair, C.D. / Lanyon, R.I., 1981
Exhibitionism: Etiology and Treatment
Erschienen in: Psychological Bulletin, Bd. 89, 1981, S. 439-463
[Blu81] Blum, Harold P., 1981
Masochismus, Ichideal und Psychologie der Frau
in: Grunert, Johannes (Hrsg.): Leiden am Selbst: zum Phänomen des Masochismus, S. 112-146
Verlag: Kindler, München
[Bon81] Bond, A.H., 1981
The Masochist is the Leader
Erschienen in: Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis, Bd. 9, Nr. 3, 1981, S. 375-389
Kurzbeschreibung:  Abstract siehe → Bie00.
[Bou81] Bourgeois, Michel, 1981
L'oeuvre erotique de Georges Pichard
Verlag: Glénat, Grenoble
[Bre81a] Brenner, Charles, 1981
Masochism: Current Concepts
Erschienen in: Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Bd. 29, 1981, S. 673-688
[BB81] Buhrich, Neil / Beaumont, Trina, 1981
Comparison of transvestism in Australia and America
Erschienen in: Archives of Sexual Behavior, Bd. 10, Nr. 3, 1981, S. 269-279
Kurzbeschreibung:  "Obtained questionnaire data on gender identity, sexual orientation, cross-dressing behavior, fetishism, and bondage from 136 American (mean age 49 yrs) and 86 Australian (mean age 38 yrs) self-designated transvestites who reported a period of fetishism to women's clothes at some stage of development. Characteristics of transvestism were similar: All were male; almost half first cross-dressed in prepuberty and were well-established by late adolescence; intense fetishism was usually experienced during adolescence but waned in later years; in almost a quarter of Ss fetishism ceased, although the desire to cross-dress continued; in many, transvestism was associated with fantasies of bondage, usually of Ss bound while cross-dressed; and sexual orientation was predominantly or exclusively heterosexual in most Ss. Ss were categorized into 2 groups. Group 1, termed nuclear transvestites, were satisfied with cross-dressing. Group 2, termed marginal transvestites, desired feminization by hormone ingestion or by surgical intervention. Marginal compared to nuclear transvestites reported stronger feminine gender identity and a stronger interest in the homosexual direction. Differences appeared to be present from childhood." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Cai81] Caien, Jacques, 1981
Obsessions, rites et fétiches
Erschienen in: Confrontations Psychiatriques, Bd. 20, 1981, S. 145-161
Kurzbeschreibung:  "Discusses the similarities between obsessional behavior and perverse fetishism. In both cases, the rites of the patient are repetitions that serve 2 purposes: They fulfill feelings of narcissistic megalomania that sustain the rhythmic activity, and they eroticize the temporal segments that represent its support. Immobilized as a fetish object, the obsessive patient's time follows a circular movement." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Cal81] Califia, Pat, 1981
Sapphistrie. Das Buch der lesbischen Sexualität.
Verlag: sub rosa Frauenverlag
Anmerkungen:  Dt. Übersetzung von → Cal80; aus dem Amerikanischen von Alexandra Bartoszko.
[Cal81b] Califia, Pat, 1981
Feminism and Sadomasochism
Erschienen in: Heresies, Bd. 12, 1981, S. 30-34
Anmerkungen:  Auch in → Cal94a abgedruckt.
[Cal81c] Califia, Pat, 1981
From Jessie
in: SAMOIS (Hrsg.): Coming to Power; Writings and Graphics on Lesbian S/M, 1. Auflage, S. 154-180
Verlag: Alyson Publications, Boston
[Cha81] Chasseguet-Smirgel, Janine, 1981
Loss of reality in perversions - with special reference to fetishism
Erschienen in: Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Bd. 29, Nr. 3, 1981, S. 511-534
Kurzbeschreibung:  "Examines some aspects of the 'perverse solution' that implies that, compared to the neurotic, the pervert attempts to 'negotiate' his/her conflicts in a specific manner; this gives way to a certain way of approaching reality. The fundamental role played by idealization in the transmutation of reality with which it is implicitly associated is underscored." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Coe81] Coen, Stanley J., 1981
Sexualization as a predominant mode of defense
Erschienen in: Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Bd. 29, 1981, S. 893-920
[CF81] Cooper, A.M. / Fischer, N., 1981
Masochism - Current Concepts
Erschienen in: Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Bd. 29, Nr. 3, 1981, S. 673-688
[Cre81] Crepax, Guido, 1981
Valentina in Stiefeln
Verlag: Bahia-Verlag, München
Anmerkungen:  Dt. Übersetzung von "Valentina con gli stivali".
[CS+81] Croughan, J.L. / Saghir, M. / Cohen, R. / Robins, E., 1981
A comparison of treated and untreated male cross-dressers
Erschienen in: Archives of Sexual Behavior, Bd. 10, Nr. 6, 1981, S. 515-528
Kurzbeschreibung:  "In an interview study of 70 male members of cross-dressing clubs, multiple comparisons between treated and untreated subjects showed that the two groups are more similar than dissimilar. The only areas of comparison in which the treated group significantly differed from the untreated group were in fantasizing themselves as females while masturbating, having ever engaged in heterosexual intercourse while cross-dressed, currently preferring both heterosexual intercourse and homosexual behavior while cross-dressed, and having experienced more adverse consequences from cross-dressing. Further, where comparisons are possible, results are similar to those found in prior studies. All of the subjects were male and the average age of onset is prior to 10 years, with virtually all subjects first cross-dressing if not in childhood then by middle adolescence. There is a trend toward a more asexual nature to the cross-dressing during late adult life. Cross-dressing is infrequently associated with sadomasochism and not at all with exhibitionism. Rates of unipolar depression and alcoholism were increased in this sample. The results do not support a significant positive association between cross-dressing and obsessive-compulsive neurosis. The present study confirms previous findings that cross-dressing lacks a familial component either with respect to cross-dressing itself or in association with another disorder."
[Dal81] Dalibard, Yves, 1981
D'une autre difficulte de la psychanalyse: note sur le fétichisme
Erschienen in: Revue Française de Psychanalyse, Bd. 45, Nr. 6, 1981, S. 1369-1374
Kurzbeschreibung:  "Following a review of Freud's theory of the development of fetishes, a review of more recent psychoanalytic thinkers is undertaken to expand on the conceptualization of the development of fetishes. An example of a fetish for garters is utilized to demonstrate the different processes possible in the development of fetishes." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Dwo81] Dworkin, Andrea, 1981
Pornography: Men Possessing Women
Verlag: Perigee, New York
Anmerkungen:  In dt. Übersetzung als → Dwo87a erschienen.
[GL81] Gabbard, G.O. / Larson, J., 1981
Masochism - Myth or Human Need
Erschienen in: American Journal of Psychiatry, Bd. 138, Nr. 4, 1981, S. 533
[Gil81] Gilberg, Arnold L., 1981
Treatment of young adults with sexual maladaptation
Erschienen in: American Journal of Psychoanalysis, Bd. 41, Nr. 1, 1981, S. 45-50
Kurzbeschreibung:  "Presents 3 clinical vignettes of patients who were treated for sexual disorders to illustrate the analytic approach to young adults. The cases include a 19-yr-old male homosexual, a 42-yr-old father and his 14-yr-old son who shared a fetish for shoes, and an 18-yr-old lesbian." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Gru81] Grunert, Johannes (Hrsg.), 1981
Leiden am Selbst: zum Phänomen des Masochismus
Verlag: Kindler, München
Kurzbeschreibung:  Texte und Beiträge zum Phänomen des Masochismus von Freud, Berliner, Brenner, Blum, Grunert et al.
[HBG81] Hazelwood, Robert R. / Burgess, Ann Wolbert / Groth, A. Nicholas, 1981
Death during dangerous autoerotic practice
Erschienen in: Social Science and Medicine, Bd. 15, 1981, S. 129-133
[Hil81] Hilberman, E., 1981
Masochism - Myth or Human Need - Reply
Erschienen in: American Journal of Psychiatry, Bd. 138, Nr. 4, 1981, S. 533-534
Kurzbeschreibung:  Entgegnung auf → GL81.
[Hin81] Hinz, Stefan, 1981
Die Hölle ist das Paradies
in: ? (Hrsg.): Sexualität Konkret, S. ?-?
Verlag: FEHLT
Kurzbeschreibung:  Reportage über den schwulen New-Yorker SM-Club Mineshaft. Extrem abfälliger Tonfall, die hohe Krankheits-, ja, Lebensgefahr wird angeprangert. "Schuppen wie das 'Mineshaft' sind spätestens in ein paar Jahren total tabu in der Szene. Sollten sie dann doch noch weiterbestehen, dann nur als Abfalleimer unserer Kultur, in dem die hängengeblieben sind, die sowieso schon vorher der soziale Kaffeesatz waren. Keine Opfer der SM-Szene, sondern von vornherein Verlierer im Gesellschaftsspiel. Das Leben hat man denen längst vorm 'Mineshaft' abgenommen". Vgl. zum Mineshaft auch → Bro93.
Standort: Magnus-Hirschfeld-Archiv für Sexualwissenschaft, Berlin
[Kha81] Khan, M. Masud R., 1981
From Masochism to Psychic Pain
Erschienen in: Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Bd. 17, Nr. 3, 1981, S. 413-422
[Leo81] Leo, John, 1981, 4.5.
Stomping and Whomping Galore: Sadomasochism comes out of the closet - whips, chains and all
Erschienen in: Time, 1981, 4.5., S. 46-47
Standort: Magnus-Hirschfeld-Archiv für Sexualwissenschaft, Berlin
[Per81a] Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Sein Leben und seine Zeit., 1981
Perutz, Kathrin
Verlag: List, München
Anmerkungen:  416 Seiten, Übersetzung von → Per78 ins Deutsche durch Trude Fein.
[Mar81] Marcus, Maria, 1981
A Taste for Pain: On Masochism and Female Society
Verlag: St. Martin's Press, New York
Anmerkungen:  Vermutlich Übersetzung von → Mar74a.
[Men81] Menaker, Esther, 1981
Self-Psychology Illustrated on the Issue of Moral Masochism - Clinical Implications
Erschienen in: Psychoanalytic Quarterly, Bd. 22, Nr. 2, 1981, S. 205-220
[Mit81] Mitchell, G., 1981
Human Sex Differences
Verlag: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York
[Mon81] Money, John, 1981
Paraphilias: Phyletic origins of erotosexual dysfunction
Erschienen in: International Journal of Mental Health, Bd. 10, 1981, S. 75-109
[Mor81] Morin, Jack, 1981
Anal Pleasure and Health: A Guide for Men and Women
Verlag: Down There Press, Burlingame
Anmerkungen:  Diverse neuere Auflagen
[Pac81] Paczensky, Susanne von, 1981
Verschwiegene Liebe: Zur Situation lesbischer Frauen in der Gesellschaft
Verlag: Bertelsmann, München
Anmerkungen:  Dissertation mit zahlreichen Tabellen und Quellenverzeichnis
Kurzbeschreibung:  Zusammenhang mit SM unklar. Weiß jemand mehr?
[Pau81] Paul, Robert, 1981
De L'Algolagnie
Erschienen in: Cahiers de Sexologie Clinique, Bd. 7, Nr. 41, 1981, S. 271-283
[Per81] Peraldi, François (Hrsg.), 1981
Polysexuality Reihe: Semiotext(e), Bd. 10
Kurzbeschreibung:  "Edited by a French psychoanalyst and containing works mostly by Frenchmen, this collection of stories and essays benefits from the fact that the French often seem to be 100 years ahead of everybody else when it comes to exploring sexual territory." (Russ Kick: "Psychotropedia: A Guide to Publications on the Periphery", 1998.)
[QCV81] Quinsey, Vernon L. / Chaplin, Terry C. / Varney, G., 1981
A comparison of rapists' and non-sex offenders' sexual preferences for mutually consenting sex, rape and sadistic acts
Erschienen in: Behavioral Assessment, Bd. 3, 1981, S. 127-135
[Res81] Restif de la Bretonne, Nicolas Edmé, 1981
Der hübsche Fuß
Verlag: Birkhäuser, Basel
Anmerkungen:  48 Seiten, vermutlich ein Auszug aus einer dt. Übersetzung von → Res94.
[Sad] Sadanas (diverse Autoren), 1981-1993
Anmerkungen:  Im Archiv vorhanden sind die Nummern 19, 26, 32-34, 38, 41, 42, 50, 53, 56, 57, 59, 61, 83 und 91 sowie der Sonderdruck "Das Beste aus Sadanas Nr. 1-12.
Standort: Magnus-Hirschfeld-Archiv für Sexualwissenschaft, Berlin
[SAM81] SAMOIS (Hrsg.), 1981
Coming to Power; Writings and Graphics on Lesbian S/M
1. Auflage
Verlag: Alyson Publications, Boston
Kurzbeschreibung:  Informationen über die US-amerikanische Lesben-Leder-Szene. Bahnbrechende, lange Zeit unter Lesben sehr kontrovers diskutierte historische Anthologie.
[Sch81a] Schiller, Greg, 1981
Homosexual Sadomasochism: a Psychodynamic Ethnography
Erschienen in: Anthropological Research Group on Homosexuality, Bd. 3, Nr. 3, 1981, S. ?-?
Anmerkungen:  Auszug aus einer Vorstudie mit dem gleichen Titel, die bereits 1980 entstand.
[Sch81] Schmerl, Christiane, 1981
Frauenfeindliche Werbung - Sexismus als heimlicher Lehrplan
Verlag: Elefanten Press
Kurzbeschreibung:  Enthält Beispiele aus der Werbepresse, die in drastischer Weise eine Haltung gegenüber Frauen in der Werbeindustrie aufzeigt, wie es sie zum Glück in dieser Form kaum mehr gibt. Hier interessant ist die Tatsache, dass sich lediglich zwei Abbildungen unter hunderten befinden, die im weitesten Sinne sadomasochistische Anspielungen machen: Eine Frau im Schlüpfer, die einen Klatsch auf den Po bekommt, und eine Frau im Ballkleid, die Männchen macht, um ein Glas Sekt zu erbetteln.
[Sil81] Silverman, D.K., 1981
Depression and Masochism - An Account of Mechanisms, by N. Leites
Erschienen in: Psychoanalytic Review, Bd. 67, Nr. 4, 1981, S. 574-576
Kurzbeschreibung:  Buchbesprechung
[Sta81] Stark, G.D., 1981
Pornography, Society, and the Law in Imperial Germany
Erschienen in: Central European History, Bd. 14, 1981, S. 200-229
[Ste81] Steward, Samuel M., 1981
Chapters from an Autobiography
Verlag: Grey Fox Press, San Francisco
Kurzbeschreibung:  Steward wurde von Dr. Alfred Kinsey in SM-Szenen gefilmt (siehe dazu → Ste91) und wurde unter dem Namen "Phil Andros" als Autor erotischer Literatur berühmt.
[Val81] Valles, Gérard, 1981
Le Sadomasochisme
Erschienen in: Cahiers de Sexologie Clinique, Bd. 7, Nr. 42, 1981, S. 341-350
[Vis81] Visser, D., 1981 (Dissertationsschrift)
Sado-masochisme: een teveel betekenend woord
Institut: Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Utrecht
[Wee81] Weeks, Jeffrey, 1981
Sex, Politics, and Society: The Regulation of Sexuality Since 1800
Verlag: Longman, London
[WL81] Wilson, Glenn D. / Lang, Rudie J., 1981
Sex differences in sexual fantasy patterns
Erschienen in: Personality and Individual Differences, Bd. 2, Nr. 4, 1981, S. 343-346
Kurzbeschreibung:  "A detailed sexual fantasy questionnaire was completed by 90 Londoners stratified by sex and social class. Information was also collected concerning sexual behavior, libido, and satisfaction. Factor analysis reveals 4 main types of fantasy: (1) Exploratory (e.g., group sex, promiscuity, homosexuality); (2) Intimate (e.g., kissing, oral sex, outdoor love); (3) Impersonal (e.g., watching others, fetishism, using objects for stimulation); and (4) Sadomasochistic (e.g., whipping or spanking, being forced). The 4 types of fantasy were positively correlated and all were more commonly reported by men, although women were almost as high on the Intimate factor. Women were also more likely to be passive or receptive in their fantasies, and men active. All fantasies were associated with high libido as indicated by self-rated sex drive and orgasm frequency, especially for women. In general, reports of many fantasies went with satisfaction in women but with dissatisfaction in men. This finding is explained in terms of the higher average level of libido in men than women, with the consequent difficulty experienced by men in acting out their desires." (APA/PsycINFO)
[ZBC81] Zillmann, Dolf / Bryant, Jennings / Carveth, Rodney A., 1981
The Effect of Erotica Featuring Sadomasochism and Bestiality on Motivated Intermale Aggression
Erschienen in: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Bd. 7, Nr. 1, 1981, S. 153-159
Kurzbeschreibung:  "Male subjects were provoked by a same-sex peer, exposed to (1) comparatively nonarousing, pleasant erotica (girlie fare); (2) arousing, displeasing, and nonaggressive erotica (bestiality); (3) arousing, displeasing, and aggressive erotica (sadomasochism); (4) not exposed to erotica, and then provided with an opportunity to retaliate against their annoyer. Exposure to arousing, displeasing erotica, regardless of the degree of apparent aggressiveness involved, was found to increase retaliatory aggression relative to non exposure. Presence or absence of aggressive cues in these equally arousing and equally displeasing erotica was of no consequence. Exposure to nonarousing, pleasant erotica, compared to no exposure, had a negligible effect. The aggression facilitating effect of exposure to displeasing, disturbing erotica was explained as the result of annoyance summation."

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