Datenschlag Chronicle of Sadomasochism

This version: 18. Februar 2003
Wolf Deunan - Kathrin Passig (BDSM Berlin e.V.)

This English translation is available as a PDF version as long as it's still woefully incomplete. As soon as the translation is complete we will provide the HTML version as well (same as in the German version). If you can help with the translation, please mail to dachs@daten-schlag.org.

This chronicle was compiled by Kathrin Passig and Wolf Deunan. We thank the Schlagzeilen magazine, the former AG S/MÖFF and the former "S/M-Szene Intern," the Leather History TimeLine (Anthony F. DeBlase and The Leather Archieves & Museum, Inc., Chicago), Joseph W. Bean, the Schlagworte mailing list and all of the groups and organizations that have contributed information as well as Christoph and Marko from Smart Rhein-Ruhr e.V., Gerd in Saarbrücken, Sabine in Berlin, Rüdiger Happ from Marterpfahl Verlag and one anonymous contributer.

The Chronicle is incomplete and certainly contains mistakes. Please email corrections and additions to dachs@daten-schlag.org along with appropriate source information. Please note our FAQ.

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