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Datenschlag is a sadomasochist education and support group based in Germany and Austria.
Since our main outreach is into the sadomasochist subculture of the German-speaking countries, our publication language is mostly German. We are, however, very much interested in keeping contact with sadomasochists from other countries to collect facts and knowledge on international SM traditions and customs. We especially welcome any help in translating Datenschlag material into English - please contact us if you wish to volunteer.

Our goal is to distribute information on all aspects of sadomasochism, this includes our series of howto articles on various techniques, a chronicle of events related to sadomasochism, an extensive bibliography and our encyclopedia of SM terms.

Parts of our site have been translated into English:

Situation of sadomasochists in the european countries
A comparative survey and description of the medicolegal and organisational situation of sadomasochists in some european countries.
Breath control howto
Information on asphyxiophilia. Covers risks, practices, sources, some links to resources outside Datenschlag and some critical notes on Jay Wisemans popular text "The Medical Realities of Breath Control Play".
Datenschlag SM chronicle
The German version is a timetable that spans prehistoric times to the 21st century. Parts of it have been translated to English by members of The Eulenspiegel Society and Black Rose.
Datenschlag SM bibliography
To our knowledge this is the largest SM bibliography on the net. You can also download a PDF version without the abstracts.

In addition to the English translations, some of our texts have been translated to Spanish (for the #morbo chat channel web site), to Romanian, to the Czech language (by, and to Swedish (for the BDSM-borgen website). If you wish to translate our material, please notify us - we are a bit proud of every new translation.

Unfortunately our contact page is not yet available in English, you may use our feedback-form to contact us.

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