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[Lel52] Lély, Gilbert (ed.), 1952
Vie du marquis de Sade. Avec un examen de ses ouvrages. Vol. I
Publisher: Gallimard, Paris
Language: French
[Lel57] Lély, Gilbert (ed.), 1957
Vie du marquis de Sade. Avec un examen de ses ouvrages. Vol. II
Publisher: Gallimard, Paris
Language: French
[Loe66] Löblein, Heribert, 1966
Speichelfresserei - ein masochistisches Problem
In: Kriminalistik, 1966, pp. 411-?
Language: German
[Loe11] Löwenfeld, Leopold, 1911
Über die sexuelle Konstitution und andere Sexualprobleme
Publisher: Bergmann, Wiesbaden
Language: German
Notes:  231 pages.
Abstract:  "Löwenfeld considers that only about 1 per cent of people can be sexually excited by flagellation of the buttocks ..." (→ Ell42, Vol. I "Love and Pain", p. 136)
[Loe23] Löwenstein, Hermann Joseph, 1823
De mentis aberrationibus ex partium sexualium conditione abnormi oriundis
Publisher: MISSING, Bonn
Language: Latin
[LaT80] La Torre, Ronald A., 1980
Devaluation of the human love object: heterosexual rejection as a possible antecedent of fetishism
In: Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol. 89, No. 2, 1980, pp. 1295-1298
Abstract:  "30 university men chose 1 of 6 women they would most like to date. Half of these men subsequently received feedback that their 1st choice did not choose them in return, and the remainder were informed that the women they chose reciprocally chose them as the men they would most like to date. This procedure was repeated, resulting in 2 successive rejections or acceptances for the respective groups. These 30 men, and an additional 15 who comprised a control group, then rated pictures of designs, lingerie, panties, women's feet, women's legs, and women on scales of pleasantness, sexual arousability, and acceptance. Rejected men evaluated pictures of women less positively than did other men, and they evaluated pictures of women less positively than they did pictures of women's legs and panties in contrast to other men whose ratings of these 3 pictures did not differ significantly. Implications for a 2-factor model of fetishism are discussed." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Lab74] Laberge, P., 1974
(A case of fire-fetishism)
In: Information Psychiatrique, Vol. 50, No. 10, 1974, pp. 1021-1024
Language: French
Abstract:  "Presents a psychoanalytic interpretation and case history of a pyromaniac." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Lac99] Lacassagne, Alexandre, 1899
Vacher l'éventreur et les crimes sadiques Series: Bibliothèque de criminologie, Vol. 19
Publisher: A. Storck, Lyon
Language: French
[LB97] Lachmann, F.M. / Beebe, B., 1997
Self and Mutual Regulations in Sadomasochistic Relationships
In: Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Vol. 14, No. 1, 1997, pp. 91-106
[LL] Lack & Leder (various authors), 1994-2000
Lack & Leder
Zeitschrift des Club S
Notes:  Archived issues: 11/1997, 12/1997, 1/1998-4/1998, 6/1998-10/1998, 2/1999, 3/1999, 5/1999, 6/1999, 5/2000.
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
[Gre] Lady Green (i.e. Janet W. Hardy),
The Dominant Female in Print and Media
URL: ?
[Gre94] Lady Green (i.e. Janet W. Hardy), 1994
The Sexually Dominant Woman: A Workbook for Nervous Beginners.
Publisher: Greenery Press, Emeryville, CA
[Gre95] Lady Green (i.e. Janet W. Hardy), 1995
Kinky Krafts: 101 Do-It-Yourself S/M-Toys
Publisher: Greenery Press, MISSING
[Gre97] Lady Green (i.e. Janet W. Hardy), 1997
The Compleat Spanker
Publisher: Greenery Press, Emeryville, CA
[GE98] Lady Green (i.e. Janet W. Hardy) / Easton, Jaymes (ed.), 1998
Kinkycrafts: 99 Do-It-Yourself S/m Toys for the Kinky Handyperson
Publisher: Greenery Press, Emeryville, CA
[Laf07] Lafière, Elsa, 1907
Wanda ohne Maske und Pelz
In: Sexualreform, Beiblatt zu Geschlecht und Gesellschaft, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1907, pp. 20-21
Language: German
Notes:  Reprinted in → Sch03.
[Lam37] Lampl-de Groot, Jeanne, 1937
Masochismus und Narzißmus
In: Internationale Zeitschrift für Psychoanalyse, Vol. 23, 1937, pp. 479-489
Language: German
[Lan80] Lande, Stephen D., 1980
A combination of orgasmic reconditioning and covert sensitization in the treatment of a fire fetish
In: Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, Vol. 11, No. 4, 1980, pp. 291-296
Abstract:  "Presents the case history of a 20-yr-old male whose fire-setting behavior associated with masturbation was his primary means of obtaining sexual gratification. Treatment included a new version of orgasmic reconditioning to increase heterosexual arousal and covert sensitization to decrease deviant arousal. Sexual arousal became greater for heterosexual than for fire stimuli. Masturbatory fantasies were reported to be exclusively heterosexual, and no further fire-setting incidents were reported. These changes were maintained at both 4- and 9-mo follow-ups." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Lan02] Lane, R.C., 2002
Anorexia, masochism, self-mutilation, and autoerotism: the spider mother
In: Psychoanalytic Review, Vol. 89, No. 1, 2002, pp. 101-123
Abstract:  "In summary, both self-mutilators and eating-disordered individuals come from dysfunctional homes with a very controlling mother and usually absent father. They often have a history of trauma. They are depressed and obsessive, attached to their mothers, who discourage attempts at emancipation. The symptoms serve the purpose of keeping them as little girls with negative feelings toward menstruation, sexual maturity, development, and femininity in general. These symptoms comprise self-destructive behavior in the service of removing sexual thoughts, temptation, and activities. Favazza (1987) included both eating disorders and self mutilation in his 'deliberate self-harm syndrome.' The symptoms, whether they be anorexic, bulimic, or a form of self-mutilation are seen as 'autoerotic in nature and a substitute for normal masturbation' (Hull & Lane, 1988). Eating disorders and delicate self-mutilation are said to have 'a cathartic, self-purifying, function in that they modulate states of anxiety, sexual tension, anger or dissociated emptiness, and they bring about a tremendous quasi-physical sense of relief' (Cross, 1993, p. 50). These patients' use of substitutes prevents maturation and growth as women, causing regression to pregenital phases with the use of pregenital defenses, and the demise of the demands of puberty and mature sexuality."
[Lan89] Lange, Ehrig, 1989
Beschmutzung und Beschädigung von Kinderwagen: Fetischistische Regression ins Frühkindliche mit neurotischer Aggression
(Soiling of and causing damage to perambulators: A fetishistic return to early childhood accompanied by neurotic aggression)
In: Psychiatrie, Neurologie und Medizinische Psychologie, Vol. 41, No. 8, 1989, pp. 505-506
Language: German with English and Russian abstracts
Abstract:  "Presents findings from a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation of a 26-yr-old man with developmental retardation who obtained sexual gratification by defecating in and subsequently damaging unoccupied baby carriages. These behaviors followed a breakdown in the S's marital intimacy and the rejection by the S's wife of his wish to adopt a child. A psychoanalytic interpretation of this case is presented, and the determination of diminished responsibility on the grounds of pathological personality development is noted." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Lan89a] Lange, Ehrig, 1989
Kleidungsaufschneiden beim Fahrradfahren - artistische Leistung eines kommunikationsgeschwächten fetischistischen Schwerhörigen
In: Psychiatrie, Neurologie und Medizinische Psychologie, Vol. 41, No. 9, 1989, pp. 550-552
Language: German
Abstract:  "Presents the case history of a 26-yr-old German adult male with difficulties in developing relationships with women who had the habit of slitting the clothing of female adolescents and adults, and masturbated while riding on a motor cycle. The development of the clothes-slitting fetish and its sexual motivation are described." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Lan89c] Lange, Ehrig, 1989
(Flag fetishism)
In: Psychiatrie, Neurologie und Medizinische Psychologie, Vol. 41, No. 11, 1989, pp. 693-694
Language: German
Abstract:  "Presents the case of a 22-yr-old East German male with a flag fetish. Results of a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation indicate severe disturbance of psychosexual development associated with organic brain damage." (APA/PsycINFO)
[LLC98] Langevin, R. / Lang, R.A. / Curnoe, S., 1998
The prevalence of sex offenders with deviant fantasies
In: Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Vol. 13, No. 3, 1998, pp. 315-327
[LL87] Langevin, Ron / Lang, Reuben A., 1987
The Courtship Disorders
in: Wilson, Glenn (ed.): Variant Sexuality: Research and Theory, pp. 202-228
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore
Abstract:  Glenn Wilson: "Ron Langevin and Reuben Lang question the validity of the concept of 'courtship disorders' by examining the correlations between voyeurism, exhibitionism, obscene calls, toucherism, and rape. Some overlapping features are found, but also important differences, and the empirical evidence for various theories is reviewed."
[Lan94] Langfeldt, Thore, 1994
Aspects concerning the development and therapy of sexual deviant patterns in children
In: Nordisk Sexologi, Vol. 12, No. 2, 1994, pp. 105-110
Abstract:  "Presents a case study illustrating how children can develop some forms of paraphiliac behavior with a strong sexual component, similar to what is seen in adolescents and adults. Fetishistic and sadomasochistic behavior can develop before the age at which children begin masturbating to orgasm. A striking finding in this case study was the strong negative feelings associated with normal expressions of sexuality." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Lan25] Lanjuinais, Jean-Denis, 1825
La Bastonnade et la flagellation pénales, considerées chez les peuples anciens et chez les modernes
2nd edition
Publisher: Baudouin, Paris
Language: French
[Lan79] Lanteri-Laura, G., 1979
Lectures des perversions. Histoire de leur appropriation médicale.
Publisher: Masson, Paris
Language: French
[Lap72] Laplanche, Jean, 1972-1973
Moral and Social Norms: Their Impact in the Subjective Topic
In: Bulletin de Psychologie, Vol. 26, No. 12-13, 1972-1973, pp. 705-723
Abstract:  Abstract see → Bie00.
[LP86] Laplanche, Jean / Pontalis, Jean-Bertrand, 1986
Fantasy and the Origins of Sexuality
in: Burgin, Victor et al. (ed.): Formations of Fantasy, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Methuen, London
[Lap77] Laplante, Jacques, 1977
(Sexual offenders: Their constant redefinition)
In: Vie medicale au Canada français, Vol. 6, No. 2, 1977, pp. 211-227
Language: French
Abstract:  "Reviews the historical development of the law regarding sexual offenders. The psychopathology of the sexual offender is discussed, including deviations as indicated by (a) the subject (i.e., transsexualism, transvestism, etc), (b) the object (i.e., homosexuality, fetishism, pedophilia, incest, etc), and (c) the method (i.e., masochism, sadism, voyeurism, seduction, prostitution, etc). A descriptive and phenomenological classification scheme is proposed, which includes legal, social, and psychological aspects. The social milieu and its effects on sexual offenders are examined." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Lap93] Laputan, M., 1993
Zur Sklavin erzogen. Bericht einer Masochistin.
Publisher: Kastley, Stuttgart
Language: German
Notes:  240 pages
[Lap98] Laputan, M., 1998
Gefangene der Lust
Publisher: Kastley, Stuttgart
Language: German
Notes:  160 pages
[Lap99] Laputan, M., 1999
Agentin der Lust
Publisher: Kastley, Stuttgart
Language: German
Notes:  176 pages
[Lar01] Largier, Niklaus, 2001
Lob der Peitsche. Eine Kulturgeschichte der Erregung.
Publisher: C.H. Beck, München
Language: German
Notes:  440 pages
[LEW74] Larson, Donna / Easter, Polly / Ward, Barbara, 1974
A Group Treatment Program for Masochistic Patients
In: Hospital and Community Psychiatry, Vol. 25, No. 8, 1974, pp. 525-528
[Las77] Lasègue, first name?, 1877
In: Union médicale, Vol. ?, 1877, pp. ?
Language: French
[Las] Lash, Roseanne, FEHLT
Die Töchter des Marquis de Sade
Publisher: Nordisk Bladcentral, Kopenhagen
Language: German
[Las96] Laskin, Miriam, 1996
Contemplating Porn, the Liberator: A Personal Memoir / Outlaw Manifesto
in: Califia, Pat / Sweeney, Robin (ed.): The Second Coming: A Leatherdyke Reader, pp. 258-263
Publisher: Alyson Publications, Los Angeles
[Lau96] Lau, Evelyn, 1996
Fetisch & andere Stories
Publisher: Goldmann, München
Language: German
[Lau97] Lau, Grace, 1997
Adults in Wonderland
Publisher: Serpent's Tail, London, New York
[LR75] Laubichler, W. / Ruby, M., 1975/76
Sexualattentat in der Kirche
In: Forensia, Vol. 1, 1975/76, pp. 76-83
Language: German
[Lau03] Laurent, Emile, 1903
Sadisme et masochisme Series: Les Perversions sexuelles, Vol. 11
Publisher: MISSING, Paris
Language: French
Notes:  260 pages.
[Lau04] Laurent, Emile, 1904
Sexuelle Verirrungen. Sadismus und Masochismus.
1st edition
Publisher: Barsdorf, Berlin
Language: German
Notes:  271 pages. German translation of → Lau03 by Dolorosa (Maria Eichhorn-Fischer). Bibliography on pp. 265-270. From the 7th edition on the bibliography had to be left out due to a court order. pp. 201-264 also published in → Far03, pp. 102-137.
[Lau12] Laurent, Emile, ca. 1912
Lust am Quälen, Lust am Leiden: Studien zu den Problemen des Sadismus und Masochismus
Publisher: Hermann Barsdorf, Wien
Language: German
[Lau88] Lautmann, Rüdiger, 1988
Die neue Gefährlichkeit der Pornographie. Politische Kampagnen und psychologische Wirkungsforschung.
In: Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung, Vol. 1, 1988, pp. 45-?
Language: German
[LC95] Law Commission, 1995
Consent in the Criminal Law: A Consultation Paper Series: Law Commission Consultation Paper, Vol. 139
Publisher: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London
Abstract:  "The most relevant SM part, part X, you can find on The complete 300 pages long report can be ordered at a cost of 21 from HMSO PO Box 276, London SW8 5DT, England. The Commission's document contains the most wideranging and detailed official survey ever conducted into SM activities. It includes evidence from a wide section of legal, medical and public opinion, and a number of women's organizations stressing the importance of adult consent independent of religious, spiritual, athletic or sexual SM purpose." (Svein Skeid)
[Law79] Lawner, Peter, 1979
Sado-Masochism and Imperiled Self
In: Issues in Ego Psychology, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1979, pp. 22-29
Abstract:  Abstract see → Bie00.
[LO89] Lawrenz, Constanze / Orzegowski, Patricia, 1989
Das kann ich keinem erzählen. Gespräche mit Frauen über ihre sexuellen Phantasien.
Publisher: Luchterhand, Frankfurt/M.
Language: German
[LMH78] Laws, Donald Richard / Meyer, J. / Holmen, Martin L., 1978
Reduction of Sadistic Sexual Arousal by Olfactory Aversion: A Case Study
In: Behavior research and therapy, Vol. 16, 1978, pp. 281-285
Abstract:  Abstract see → Bie00.
[LO97a] Laws, Donald Richard / O'Donohue, William, 1997
Introduction: Fundamental Issues in Sexual Deviance
in: Laws, Donald Richard / O'Donohue, William (ed.): Sexual Deviance: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Guilford Publications, New York
[LO97] Laws, Donald Richard / O'Donohue, William (ed.), 1997
Sexual Deviance: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment
Publisher: Guilford Publications, New York
Abstract:  From the introduction: "This book is devoted to explicating what we know about the kinds of sexual deviance that are currently regarded by most mental health professionals as the major ones. It is intended for use as a handbook by clinicians and researchers. The editors believe that careful use of these materials will provide both groups with information that will help them better understand the various forms of sexual deviance and better to address those problems in assessment, treatment, and consideration of their related theories."
[Lax77] Lax, Ruth F., 1977
The Role of Internalization in the Development of Certain Aspects of Female Masochism: Ego Psychological Considerations
In: International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol. 58, 1977, pp. 289-300
[LeS86] Le Soldat, Judith, 1986
Zum Problem von Sadismus und Masochismus
In: Psyche, Vol. 7, 1986, pp. 617-639
Language: German
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
[LeS89] Le Soldat, Judith, 1989
Freiwillige Knechtschaft: Masochismus und Moral
Publisher: Fischer, Frankfurt
Language: German
[LeV59] Le Vine, R.A., 1959
Gusii Sex Offenses. A Study in Social Control
In: American Anthropologist, Vol. 61, No. 6, 1959, pp. ?-?
[Lea94] Leach, Christopher, 1994
Trotz "Spanner"-Affäre: die britische S/M-Szene läßt sich nicht unterkriegen
In: Twilight, Vol. 4, 1994, pp. 19-22
Language: German
[Lea88] Leadbeatter, Stephen, 1988
Dental Anesthetic Death: An Unusual Autoerotic Episode
In: The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Vol. 9, No. 1, 1988, pp. 60-63
Abstract:  "The details of an unusual autoerotic death are presented; the postulated method of induction of cerebral hypoxia was inhalation of nitrous oxide from a dental anesthetic machine; the theme of dental anesthesia, presumably an elaborate bondage fetish, recurred in documentary material found at the scene."
[Leb91] Lebegue, B., 1991
Paraphilias in U.S. Pornography Titles: "Pornography Made Me Do It" (Ted Bundy)
In: Bulletin of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, Vol. 19, No. 1, 1991, pp. 43-48
Abstract:  Abstract see → Bie00.
[LL66] Lebeuf, J. / Lefebvre, P., 1966
Contribution to the Study of Sado-Necrophilia
In: Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal, Vol. 11, 1966, pp. 123-?
[Lee79] Lee, John Alan, 1979
The Social Organization of Sexual Risk
In: Alternative Lifestyles, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1979, pp. 69-100
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
[Leg] Leggott, John, ohne Jahr, ca. 1965
Publisher: Privately printed, no place
Language: German
[Leh90] Lehne, Gregory K., 1990
Adolescent paraphilias
in: Perry, M.E. (ed.): Childhood and adolescent sexology Vol. 7, pp. 381-394
Publisher: Elsevier Science, New York
Abstract:  From the chapter: "the presence of a paraphilia is often difficult to evaluate in adolescents / there is little direct research available pertaining to this age group / the information in this chapter is based extensively upon experience working with adolescents in a clinic for paraphilic problems, and upon extrapolation from the adult professional literature, particularly the work of John Money /// overview of the paraphilias [pedophilia, ephebophilia and gerontophilia; exhibitionism and voyeurism; rapism; fetishism; transvestic fetishism; sexual masochism and sadism] / evaluation of adolescent paraphilias / issues in the treatment of adolescent paraphilias"
[LM03] Lehne, Gregory K. / Money, John, 2003
Multiplex versus multiple taxonomy of paraphilia: Case example
In: Sexual Abuse: Journal of Research and Treatment, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2003, pp. 61-72
Abstract:  "Several different paraphilias are presently diagnosed in some individuals whereas a more parsimonious taxonomy would be that of one multiplex paraphilia. A multiplex paraphilia may be expressed by variations of content at different times in an individual's life or in different situations. The present case example shows the unfolding of a multiplex paraphilia over a man's lifetime. At age 7 the subject was dressed in public as a girl wearing a diaper as a humiliation for bed-wetting. This experience had 3 paraphilic components that were separately manifested at different times in his life: fetishistic transvestism, pedophilic incest, and infantilism. A multiplex paraphilia taxonomy may lead to improved identification of etiology, prognosis, and treatment of paraphilia."
[LR00] Leiblum, Sandra R. / Rosen, Raymond C. (ed.), 2000
Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy
Publisher: Guilford Press, New York / London
[Lei82] Leidholdt, Dorchen, 1982
Freie Sklavinnen
in: Schwarzer, Alice (ed.): Sexualität Vol. 3, pp. 88-93
Publisher: Emma Frauen Verlags GmbH, Köln
Language: German
[Lei76] Leigh, L., 1976
Sado-Masochism, Consent and the Reform of the Criminal Law
In: Modern Law Review, Vol. 39, 1976, pp. 130-146
[Lei63] Leigh, Michael, 1963
The Velvet Underground
Publisher: Macfadden Books, New York
[Lei82a] Leigh, Susan, 1982
Interview with Audre Lorde
in: Linden, Robin Ruth et al. (ed.): Against Sadomasochism: A Radical Feminist Analysis, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Frog in the Well Press, East Palo Alto, CA
[Lei79] Leithes, Nathan, 1979
Depression and Masochism: an Account of Mechanisms
Publisher: Norton, New York
[Lel61] Lely, Gilbert, 1961
Leben und Werk des Marquis de Sade
Publisher: Karl Rauch, Düsseldorf
Language: German
Archived at: SMart-Rhein-Ruhr Archive, Dortmund
[Lem00] Lemaire, Guy, 2000
Lust and Pain
Publisher: Edition Reuss, München
[Lem60] Lemke, K.J.E., 1960
Fetischismus und Fetischisten
Publisher: MISSING, Oberndorf
Language: German
[Lem68] Lemmhut, Erich, 1968
Schulbeispiele der körperlichen Züchtigung
Publisher: Verlag für Wissenschaft, Erziehung und Kultur Henseler, Esslingen
Language: German
[Len65] Lennig, Walter, 1965
Marquis de Sade in Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten Series: rororo Bildmonographien,
Publisher: Rowohlt, Reinbek
Language: German
[Len75] Lenzer, Gertrude, 1975
On Masochism: A Contribution to the History of a Phantasy and Its Theory
In: Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1975, pp. 277-324
Abstract:  "Explains the psychology of male masochism through a detailed analysis of 'Venus in Furs' and other writings by Sacher-Masoch. The genesis of masochism in the oedipal conflict is investigated and shown to be related to a variety of sexual phenomena, including fetishism, transvestism, and latent homosexuality. The theme of women's superiority over men and its counterpart are seen as collective, obsessive preoccupations of German society from the latter part of the 19th century to the 1930s. During that period there was an unusual amount of writing on the topics of women, sexuality, criminality, and sexual perversions, ranging from pornographic materials to scientific treatises. It is suggested that preoccupation with these themes stemmed from disturbances of the processes leading to the establishment of individual male identities." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Leo81] Leo, John, 1981, 4.5.
Stomping and Whomping Galore: Sadomasochism comes out of the closet - whips, chains and all
In: Time, 1981, 4.5., pp. 46-47
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
[Leo86] Leonhard, K., 1986
Originaltitel unklar, etwa: Sadomasochismus und Träume bei Kafka
(Sadomasochism and dreams in the background of Kafka's poetry)
In: Psychiatrie, Neurologie und medizinische Psychologie, Vol. 38, No. 6, 1986, pp. 315-323
Language: German
Abstract:  "Kafka's detailed descriptions of individuals being physically and psychically tortured can only be understood when accepting a sado-masochistic background. On the other hand, the discrepancies and absurdities, appearing again and again in his poetic products, are due to his habit of taking dream and its illogical connections as a model. The specific feature of dream with its central and peripheral phenomena is often identifiable in Kafka's descriptions. Whether he intended to present symbols is uncertain."
[Leo71a] Leonhard, Karl, 1971
(Learning, habit formation, imprinting in divergent developments of children's personalities)
In: Psychiatrie, Neurologie und Medizinische Psychologie, Vol. 23, No. 12, 1971, pp. 665-674
Language: German
Abstract:  "Discusses meaning of learning, habit formation, and Lorenzian imprinting. Fetishism and forms of homosexuality are related to early impressions. Case histories relate disturbances in childhood learning, habit formation, and imprinting to chronic manifestations in adults." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Leo74] Leonhard, Karl, 1974
Der Masochismus von Rousseau in seinem Leben und seinem literarischen Schaffen
In: Zeitschrift für Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie, Vol. 22, No. 4, 1974, pp. 324-339
Language: German
[Leo71] Leonhardt, Rudolf Walter, 1971
Wer wirft den ersten Stein?
Publisher: dtv, München
Language: German
[Per81a] Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Sein Leben und seine Zeit., 1981
Perutz, Kathrin
Publisher: List, München
Language: German
Notes:  416 pages, German translation of → Per78 by Trude Fein.
[LMZ65] Lepanto, R. / Moroney, W. / Zenhausern, R., 1965
The contribution of anxiety to the laboratory investigation of pain
In: Psychonomic Science, Vol. 3, 1965, pp. 475
[Ler79] Lerner, Leila (ed.), 1979
Masochism and the Emergent Ego: Selected Papers of Esther Menaker, Ph.D.
Publisher: Human Sciences, New York
[Ler08] Leroy, Bernard, 1908
Un Singulier Cas de Perversion Sexuelle: La Passion des Chaines
In: Journal de Psychologie Normale et Pathologique, Vol. 5, No. 4, 1908, pp. ?-?
Language: French
[Les82] Lesh, Cheri, 1982
Hunger and Thirst in the House of Distorted Mirrors
in: Linden, Robin Ruth et al. (ed.): Against Sadomasochism: A Radical Feminist Analysis, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Frog in the Well Press, East Palo Alto, CA
[Les75] Lester, David, 1975
Unusual Sexual Behavior. The Standard Deviations.
Publisher: Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Ill.
Abstract:  "The purpose of this book is to review the literature on sexual deviations. I have adopted a classification of sexual deviations that proposes three kinds of deviant behavior: 1. Variation in mode, 2. Variation in object, and 3. Variation in strength of the sexual response. Since transvestism and transsexualism do not fit into any of the three categories they are discussed separately."
[Let83] Letarte, Paulette, 1983
Les dessous d'un fétiche: le fétiche "porte-mere"
(The underside of a fetish: The mother image)
In: Revue Française de Psychanalyse, Vol. 47, No. 1, 1983, pp. 364-375
Language: French
Abstract:  "Presents the case of a 24-yr-old male that illustrates the role of the mother-figure in the development of fetishes. The S, who had been abnormally slow to develop, was rejected by his mother and desired to flee the family. He developed fantasies and fetishes as a means of soothing his sense of isolation." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Lev95a] Leventhal, Robert S., 1995
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Masochism in Art
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Abstract:  Abstract see → Bie00.
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The Myth of Sexual Compulsivity
In: The Journal of Sex Research, Vol. 25, No. 3, 1988, pp. 347-363
Abstract:  "This paper analyzes critically the newly discovered 'conditions' of sexual addiction and sexual compulsion from the sociological perspective of symbolic interactionism. (...) We demonstrate that the definitions are conceptually flawed and that the criteria for these 'conditions' are subjective and value laden. There is nothing inherently pathological in the conduct that is labeled sexually compulsive or addictive. Rather than referring to actual clinical entities, sexual addiction and compulsion refer to learned patterns of behavior that are stigmatized by dominant institutions."
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
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The Prevalence and Some Attributes of Females in the Sadomasochistic Subculture: A Second Report
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Abstract:  "Nonprostitute women in the sadomasochism (S/M) subculture have been believed to be rare. A sample of 45 women from the S/M subculture of whom 34 were determined to be nonprostitutes was obtained. This sample is compared with a similar sample obtained by Breslow et al. (1985). Despite methodological differences between the present investigation and that of Breslow et al., interstudy similarities permit conclusions about women in the S/M subculture in addition to the fact that they occur with sufficient frequency to study. The women become aware of their orientation as young adults and most are satisfied with it. They tend to be better educated and less often married than the general population. A majority designate themselves as heterosexual but a substantial minority are bisexual. They tend more often to prefer the submissive role but preference for the dominant role or no preference are found with considerable frequency. Oral sex and bondage are favored activities."
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
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Abstract:  "'Bondage' is a well-established category of deviant sexual behavior. It includes practices for erotic pleasure of being humiliated, enslaved, and physically bound and restrained. Life is threatened when, as is common, neck binding or partial asphyxiation forms part of the behavior. In the United States there are yearly about 50 such deaths, sometimes suicide, usually by accident. We report two fatal cases rich in detail provided by the now deceased. In addition, we interviewed nine men and three women who responded to a notice in the underground press. Subjects were diverse in character and varied in the details of their bondage behavior. All of the men were isolated, depressed, and oriented toward death. Their masochism was first a challenge, then an invitation to death. When they see psychiatrists (for depression), the sexual problems are minimized."
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Abstract:  Abstract see → Bie00.
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in: Diamant, Louis / McAnulty, Richard (ed.): The Psychology of Sexual Orientation, Behavior, and Identity, pp. 256-269
Publisher: Greenwood Press, Westport
Abstract:  Judging from the references, the authors seem to have read a lot on rape and not very much on consensual sadomasochism. From the conclusion: "Contrary to prior belief, the sadomasochistic subculture does not comprise a limited number of male homosexuals whose behavior often escalates to dangerous and violent acts. Research has shown that sadomasochism typically involves mutually consenting homosexual and heterosexual males and females who engage in activity that is safe and pleasurable for both partners.
Our current DSM-IV classification does not appear to cover the breadth of sadistic and masochistic practices and cases of 'sadism' that are evidenced in the literature. (...) Future research endeavors should continue to identify characteristics of individuals who engage in activities of a sadistic or masochistic nature. More specifically, delineations of types of sadists, masochists, and a perhaps subclinical subculture of sadomasochists need to be made for correct classification and subsequent study of these individuals. By improving our ability to classify individuals into specific subgroups (such as sexually coercive women, subtypes of rapists, sexually sadistic murderers), appropriate assessment, prevention, and intervention will be possible."

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Abstract:  "17 psychoanalysts from the United States and Europe offer 16 papers on varied aspects of sexual perversion. As a basis for their discussion they 'accept as valid Freud's formulations.' General problems of theory, etiology, and cultural norm are reviewed by F. Alexander, M. Balint, W. H. Gillespie, R. Le Coultre, and W. Muensterberger. Male and female homosexuality are considered by S. S. Feldman, G. Bychowski, C. L. Bacon, M. L. Miller, B. Grunberger, G. Ruffler, R. C. Bak, and L. Eidelberg. H. Christoffel and J. Lacan discuss male genital exhibitionism and fetishism. S. Lorand concludes the volume with a review of therapeutic principles in the treatment of perversions." (APA/PsycINFO)
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Fluoxetine treatment of a fetish
In: The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Vol. 52, No. 1, 1991, pp. 41
Abstract:  "Reports the case of a 27-yr-old man with a fetish about flexed muscles who was successfully treated with fluoxetine. The question is raised, given fluoxetine' effectiveness in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), of whether fetishism and OCD are related disorders." (APA/PsycINFO)
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Sexuelle Verirrungen. Fetischismus / Sadismus / Masochismus / Flagellantismus / Exhibitionismus usw.
2nd edition
Publisher: Auffenberg, Berlin
Language: German
Notes:  pp. 59-73 also published in → Far03, pp. 506-513.
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Pantyhose fetishism and self cohesion: A paraphilic solution?
In: Gender and Psychoanalysis, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1997, pp. 103-121
Abstract:  "In this paper, pantyhose fetishism is presented and highlighted by clinical vignettes from males across the life cycle. Fetishism is explored from a number of diverse perspectives, including classical psychoanalysis, ego psychology, object relations theory, child developmental psychology, and self psychology. It is suggested that the wearing of pantyhose by males serves a range of functions, including but not limited to repairing psychic structure, an expression and defense against underlying aggression, enabling the development of symbol formation, allaying annihilation and separation anxiety, acting as a type of transitional object in terms of serving as a "second skin" component, soothing primitive anxieties related to the damaged body ego, and serving an erotic function involving desire and excitement. The function of pantyhose as a kind of "magic skin" or "second skin" suggests a relationship between perverse symptom formation and the development of a "skin ego." Implications for the symbolizing function of this "magic or second skin" as a bridge to the mother figure is discussed in terms of theoretical and treatment issues. The functional use of pantyhose is viewed as a creative solution to a seemingly unresolvable interpersonal-intrapsychic dilemma."
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Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
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What homosexuals do; a study of two homosexual subcultures in California
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Abstract:  "Like heterosexual society, the gay world is not homogeneous, but consists of a variety of subcultures, each with its own set of dress codes. Social behaviors, speech patterns. Sexual preferences and ambiance. In this study, the authors compared the sexual behaviours, especially in the area of sadomasochism, of two different San Francisco areas: Castro Street and Folsom Street. The following generalisations describe the characteristics of the two neighbourhoods."
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Hanspeter Ludwig
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Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
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Imaginary sexual partner
In: Archives of General Psychiatry, Vol. 3, 1960, pp. 429-449
Abstract:  "Masturbation is normal in children, young adults, and in adults in the absence of a sexual partner. It is frequently accompanied by fantasies which represent a wish-fulfillment. These fantasies differ mainly in duration from those of imaginary companions frequently found in single and lonely children and from erotic daydreams. The nature of the imaginary sexual partner (sex, animal, fetish) and of the imagined sexual scene (normal, perverse, sadistic) corresponds to the sexual preference of the masturbator as illustrated by 20 cases. Masturbation, visual masturbatory fantasies, and psychiatric illness seem unrelated." (APA/PsycINFO)
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(The deviations of desire: A study of fetishism: I. Introduction)
In: Revue Française de Psychanalyse, Vol. 47, No. 1, 1983, pp. 19-39
Language: French
Abstract:  "Discusses the function of fetishism in terms of the nature of desire and the choice of an object, the pleasure derived from it, and the symbolic aspect of the fetish. It is suggested that the fetish is a fixation for an object that has usurped the erotic aspect of the genital region of the opposite sex, implying a displacement of emotional investment. It is also argued that a true fetish is based on the representation of an unconscious idea rather than an instrumental object, but that many objects with unconscious sexual meanings do not represent fetishes." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Lus83a] Lussier, André, 1983
Les déviations du désir. Etude sur le fétichisme: II. Rapport
(The deviations of desire: A study of fetishism: II. Analysis)
In: Revue Française de Psychanalyse, Vol. 47, No. 1, 1983, pp. 41-142
Language: French
Abstract:  "Discusses the psychic structure of the fetishist in relation to Freud's writings on the topic and to the current literature. Several characteristics of the male fetishist are identified: an overwhelming identification with the mother figure, a tendency toward depression, a disposition toward homosexuality, hostility, separation anxiety and a desire to return to the mother, self-delusions, and a body fixation in which the fetish is necessary to physical well-being or a form of physical penance. These factors lead the fetishist into a state of semi-delirium, and the fetish becomes a protective device against further fragmentation of his personality. Sexuality and uncertainty play an overwhelming role in the fetishistic personality." (APA/PsycINFO)
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Tied Up With Love: The Making of Mistress Antoinette
[Lyn86] Lyne, Adrian, 1986
9 1/2 Wochen
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin

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