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[Ano77] Anonymous, 1777
Exhibition of Female Flagellants in the Modest and Incontinent World etc.
Publisher: MISSING, London
[Ano88] Anonymous, 1788
Venus School-Mistress, or, Birchen Sports
[Arg48] Argens, Jean-Baptiste de Boyer Marquis d', 1748
Thérèse philosophe
Language: French
[Boi00] Boileau, Jacques, 1700
Historia flagellantium: de recto et perverso flagrorum usu apud christianos; ex antiquis scripturae, patrum, pont., conciliorum, & scriptorum profanorum monumentis cum cura & fide expressa
Publisher: Anisson, Paris
Language: Latin
[Boi01] Boileau, Jacques, 1701
Histoire des flagellants oł l'on fait voir le bon et le mauvais usage des flagellations parmi les chrétiens ...
Publisher: F. Vander Plaats, Amsterdam
Language: French
Notes:  French translation of → Boi00 by the author.
[Cho52] Chorier, Nicolas, 1752
Joannis Meursii Elegantiae Latini sermonis seu Aloisia Sigaea Toletana De arcanis amoris & veneris. Adjunctis fragmentis quibusdam eroticis.
Publisher: Ex typis Elzevirianis, Leiden
Language: Latin
[Cle48] Cleland, John, 1748/49
Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
Publisher: G. Fenton, London
Notes:  2 volumes
Abstract:  Contains one of the earliest flagellation scenes in literature.
[Cle65] Cleland, John, 1765
Entdeckte Heimlichkeiten einer zuletzt glücklich gewordenen Maitresse
Publisher: Pollmann, Görlitz
Language: German
[Cle76] Cleugh, James, 176
Il marchese de Sade e il cavaliere von Sacher-Masoch. Vita e opere.
Publisher: Mursia, Milano
Language: Italian
Notes:  281 pages, Italian translation of → Cle51.
[Dop88] Doppet, François Amédée, 1788
Traité du fouet et de ses effects sur le physique de l'amour, ou Aphrodisiaque externe, ouvrage médico-philosophique, suivi d'une dissertation sur tous les moyens capables d'exciter aux plaisirs de l'amour
Publisher: MISSING, no place
Language: French
Notes:  108 pages.
[Dub94] Dubouleau, Mademoiselle, 1794
Elements of Tuition, and Modes of Punishment. In Letters, from Mademoiselle Dubouleau, A celebrated Parisian Tutoress, to Miss Smart-Bum, Governess of a young Ladies' Boarding School at --. With some secrets developed of Mock Tutors, Who have taken a delight in administering Birch Discipline to their Female Pupils.
Publisher: MISSING, no place
Abstract:  "The five letters of which the Elements of Tuition are composed contain a number of common-place anecdotes about flagellation, told in the most tedious manner and in language frequently ungrammatical. The Dedicatory Epistle to Signora Birchini embraces many of the remarks upon the subject which I have already offered elsewhere, and is the best part of the book. The Anecdotes of Lady Flaybum contain one tale almost identical, and some verses quite the same, as those comprised in the body of the book." (→ Fra85)
[Gar14] Garmannus, Christianus Fridericus, 1714
L. Christiani Friderici Garmanni & Alior. Viror. Clarissimor. Epistolarum Centuria Argumenti Miscellanei, potissimum Physico-Medici, Selectioris & Curiosi
Publisher: Sumtibus Christian-Gotthold Garmanni Bibliopolę, Rostock und Leipzig
Language: Latin
Notes:  436 pages.
Abstract:  "The earliest definitely described medical case of sadistic pleasure in the sight of active whipping I have myself come across belongs to the year 1672, and occurs in a letter in which Nesterus seeks the opinion of Garmann. He knows intimately, he states, a very learned man - whose name, for the honor he bears him, he refrains from mentioning - who, whenever in a school or elsewhere he sees a boy unbreeched and birched, and hears him crying out, at once emits semen copiously without any erection, but with great mental commotion. The same accident frequently happens to him during sleep, accompanied by dreams of whipping." (→ Ell42, Band I "Love and Pain", S. 132)
[Lol77] Lolme, Jean Louis de, 1777
The History of the Flagellants, or The Advantages of Discipline: Being a Paraphrase and Commentary on the "Historia Flagellantium" of the Abbé Boileau, Doctor of the Sorbonne ...
Publisher: M. Hingeston, London
Language: French
[Lol85] Lolme, Jean Louis de, 1785
Beyträge zur Geschichte des menschlichen Aberglaubens; als Paraphrase und Kommentar zur Geschichte der Flagellanten des Abt Boileau, Doktor der Sorbonne, Kanonikus der Kathedralkirche zu unsrer lieben Frauen etc. von Einem, der nicht Doktor der Sorbonne ist.
Publisher: im Schwickertschen Verlage, Leipzig
Language: German
[Mei18] Meibom, Johann Heinrich, 1718
A treatise of the use of flogging in venerial affairs: also of the office of the loins and reins / by John Henry Meibomius; made English from the Latin original by a physician. To which is added A Treatise of Hermaphrodites (by Giles Jacob).
Publisher: E. Curll, London
[Mei92] Meibom, Johann Heinrich, 1792
De l'utilité de la flagellation dans les plaisirs du mariage et dans la médecine, et des fonctions des lombes et des reins = De flagrorum usu in re medica et venerea, et lumborum renumque officio
Publisher: Girouard, Paris
Language: French
[Oel66] Oelrichs, Johann Carl Conrad, 1766
Abhandlung von dem Gebrauche der Alten, fürnehmlich der Griechen und Römer, ihre Geliebte zu schlagen. Aus dem Franz. übersetzt u. mit einigen Anmerkungen vermehret.
Publisher: Birnstiel, Berlin
Language: German
[Res94] Restif de la Bretonne, Nicolas Edmé, 1794-1797
Monsieur Nicolas ou Le coeur humain dévoilé
Publisher: Imprimé à la maison, Paris
Language: French
[Res98] Restif de la Bretonne, Nicolas Edmé, 1798
L' anti-justine ou les Délices de l'amour
Publisher: MISSING, Paris
Language: French
[Sad91] Sade, Marquis de, 1791
Justine ou les Malheurs de la vertu
Publisher: chez les Libraires associés, en Hollande
Language: French
[Sad91a] Sade, Marquis de, 1791
Justine ou les Malheurs de la vertu
2nd enlarged edition
Publisher: chez les Libraires associés, en Hollande
Language: French
[Sad92] Sade, Marquis de, 1792
Justine ou les Malheurs de la vertu
3rd enlarged edition
Publisher: Cazin, Paris
Language: French
[Sad94] Sade, Marquis de, 1794
Justine ou les Malheurs de la vertu
3rd (4th) corrected and enlarged edition
Publisher: MISSING, "à Philadelphie"
Language: French
[Sad95] Sade, Marquis de, 1795
La Philosophie dans le boudoir or les Instituteurs libertins, Dialogue. Ouvrage posthume de l'auteur de Justine.
Publisher: MISSING, London (Paris)
Language: French
[Sad95a] Sade, Marquis de, 1795
Valmor et Lydia ou Voyage autour du monde de deux amants qui se cherchent
Publisher: Pigoreau ou Leroux, Paris
Language: French
[Sad96] Sade, Marquis de, 1796
Juliette ou la Suite de Justine
Language: French
[Sad97] Sade, Marquis de, 1797
La Nouvelle Justine ou les Malheurs de la vertu, suivi de l'Histoire de Juliette sa soeur, ou les Prospérités du vice
Publisher: Bertrandet oder Didot?, Paris
Language: French
[Sad99] Sade, Marquis de, 1795
Alzonde et Koradin
Publisher: Cercoux et Montardier, Paris
Language: French
[Sad93] Sade, Marquis de (angegeben als "le Citoyen S***"), 1793
Aline et Valcour ou le Roman philosophique. Ecrit à la Bastille un an avant la Révolution de France.
Publisher: Girouard, Paris
Language: French
[Sai57] Saint-Cyr, Jacques Baron Révérony de, 1757-58
Sabina d'Herfeld ou les Dangers de l'imagination
Publisher: MISSING, Paris
Language: French
[Sai98] Saint-Cyr, Jacques Baron Révérony de, 1798
Pauliska, ou la Perversité moderne, mémoires récents d'une Polonaise
Publisher: Lemierre et chez Courcier, Paris
Language: French
[Sch20] Schurig, Martin, 1720
Spermatologia historico-medica, h(oc) e(st) seminis humani consideratio physico-medico-legalis, qua ejus natura et usus, insimulque opus generationis et varia de coitu aliaque huc pertinentia, v. g. de castratione, herniotomia, phimosi, circumcisione, recutitione, et infibulatione, item de hermaphroditis et sexum mutantibus, raris et selectis observationibus annexo indice locupletissimo
Publisher: MISSING, Frankfurt am Main
Language: Latin
Notes:  721 pages
Abstract:  "Numerous old cases of pleasure in flagellation and urtication were brought together by Schurig in 1720 in his Spermatologia, pp. 253-258." (→ Ell20, Band I "Love and Pain", S. 132)
[Swe68] Swedenborg, Emanuel, 1768
Delitiae sapientiae de amore coniugali post quas sequuntur voluptates insaniae de amore scortatorio
Publisher: Swedenborg-Verlag, Zürich
Language: Latin
[Thi03] Thiers, Jean-Baptiste., 1703
Critique de l'histoire des flagellants et justification de l'usage des disciplines volontaires
Publisher: Jean de Nully, Paris
Language: French
Notes:  420 pages.
[Vil97] Villers, Charles, 1797
Lettre sur le Roman intitulé Justine ou les Malheurs de la vertu
in: (ed.): Spectateur du Nord Vol. IV, pp. ?-?
Language: French

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