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[Ado63] Adorno, Theodor Wiesengrund, 1963
Sexualtabus und Recht heute
(Sexual taboos and law today)
in: Bauer, Fritz / Bürger-Prinz, Hans / Giese, Hans / Jäger, Herbert (ed.): Sexualität und Verbrechen: Beiträge zur Strafrechtsreform, pp. ?-?
Publisher: S. Fischer, Frankfurt/M.
Language: German
[AS66] Alexander, Franz G. / Selesnick, Sheldon T., 1966
The History of Psychiatry: An Evaluation of Psychiatric Thought and Practice from Prehistoric Times to the Present
Publisher: Harper and Row, New York
[Ale67] Alexander, Leo, 1967
Psychotherapy of sexual deviation with the aid of hypnosis
In: American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Vol. 9, No. 3, 1967, pp. 181-183
Abstract:  "Hypnosis is useful in psychotherapy with patients suffering from sexual deviation, because with this technique it is relatively easy to extinguish conditional associations and establish new ones." (APA/PsycINFO)
[APA68] American Psychiatric Association (ed.), 1968
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Second Edition (DSM-II)
Publisher: American Psychiatric Association, Washington, D.C.
[Ami67] Amir, M., 1967
Victim Precipitated Forcible Rape
In: Journal of Criminal Law and Criminal Police Science, Vol. 4, No. 85, 1967, pp. ?-?
[And69] Andros, Phil (i.e. Samuel Steward), 1969
Publisher: Guild Press, MISSING
[Ant66] Antenprecht, Wilhelm, 1966
Neurose der körperlichen Züchtigung
(Corporal punishment neurosis)
Publisher: Chronos, München
Language: German
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
[App63] Appelbaum, Stephen A., 1963
The Masochistic Character as a Self-Saboteur (With Special Reference to Psychological Testing)
In: Journal of Projective Techniques, Vol. 27, No. 1, 1963, pp. 35-46
[Bac61] Bachem, Bele (i.e. Renate Gabriele Böhmer), 1961
Anbetung des Korsetts
Publisher: Fackelträger, Hannover
Language: German
[Bak68] Bak, Robert C., 1968
The Phallic Woman: The Ubiquitous Fantasy in Perversion
In: Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, Vol. 23, 1968, pp. 15-36
[Bal66] Balint, Michael, 1966
Perversion und Genitalität
in: Balint, M. (ed.): Die Urformen der Liebe und die Technik der Psychoanalyse, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Huber et al., Bern et al.
Language: German
Notes:  German translation of "Primary Love and Psycho-Analytic Technique"
[Bal68] Ball, J.R., 1968
A case of hair fetishism, transvestitism, and organic cerebral disorder
In: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, Vol. 44, No. 3, 1968, pp. 249-254
Abstract:  "Describes a 46-yr-old man with a history of early organic impairment and life-long persistance of a minor degree of neurological disability. He also developed abnormal sexual behavior which proved resistive to psychiatric treatment for many yr. This behavior was eventually relieved by sedation and antidepressant medication followed by the application of behavior therapy. Although initially very disturbing, his marriage may ultimately have been an important therapeutic factor. Following this he remained asymptomatic until, coincidental with neurological impairment and epilepsy due to cerebral neoplasm, his deviant sexual interests returned." (APA/PsycINFO)
[BH65] Barclay, A.M. / Haber, R.N., 1965
The relation of aggression to sexual motivation
In: Journal of Personality, Vol. , No. 33, 1965, pp. 462-475
[BLA69] Barlow, David H. / Leitenberg, H. / Agras, W.S., 1969
The experimental control of sexual deviation through manipulation of the noxious scene in covert sensitization
In: Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol. 74, 1969, pp. 596-601
[BS68] Bartova, D. / Sahanek, O., 1968
(A case of a fetishism-like motivated automutilation)
In: Československa Psychiatrie, Vol. 64, No. 3, 1968, pp. 183-186
Language: Czech
Abstract:  "Describes a male patient, with a long-standing fetishism of female breasts, who developed gynecomastia by means of an instrument he designed. Ethiopathogenesis (after brain trauma), diagnostic classification, and therapy are discussed." (APA/PsycINFO)
[BT66] Basquin, M. / Trystram, D., 1966
(Exhibitionism in the adolescent)
In: Annales Médico-Psychologiques, Vol. 2, No. 4, 1966, pp. 534
Language: French
Abstract:  "Exhibitionism in 4 adolescents was found to represent a global sexual disturbance unlike adult exhibitionism, and was not considered to be a perverse isolated nucleus. Analysis indicates it is a result of loneliness, impulsiveness, ignorance of sexual reality, and a rigid family environment. (This report was presented at the Societé de psychopathologie et d'hygiene mentale de Dakar meeting on April 5, 1966.)" (APA/PsycINFO)
[Bas65] Bassermann, Lujo, 1965
Das älteste Gewerbe: Eine Kulturgeschichte
Publisher: Econ, Wien
Language: German
[Bau63] Bauer, Fritz, 1963
Sexualstrafrecht heute
in: Bauer, Fritz / Bürger-Prinz, Hans / Giese, Hans / Jäger, Herbert (ed.): Sexualität und Verbrechen: Beiträge zur Strafrechtsreform, pp. ?-?
Publisher: S. Fischer, Frankfurt/M.
Language: German
[BB+63] Bauer, Fritz / Bürger-Prinz, Hans / Giese, Hans / Jäger, Herbert (ed.), 1963
Sexualität und Verbrechen: Beiträge zur Strafrechtsreform
Publisher: S. Fischer, Frankfurt/M.
Language: German
[Bea65] Beach, Frank A. (ed.), 1965
Sex and Behavior
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York
Notes:  XVI/592 pages
[Bea64] Beauvoir, Simone de, 1964
Soll man de Sade verbrennen? Drei Essays zur Moral des Existenzialismus.
Publisher: MISSING, München
Language: German
Archived at: SMart-Rhein-Ruhr Archive, Dortmund
[Bec63] Becker, Howard S., 1963
Outsiders: Studies in the Sociology of Deviance
Publisher: The Free Press, London
[Ber63] Berg, Steffen, 1963
Das Sexualverbrechen: Erscheinungsformen und Kriminalistik der Sittlichkeitsdelikte
Publisher: Kriminalistik Verlag, Hamburg
Language: German
[Ber60] Bergler, E., 1960
Differential diagnosis between a calculated risk and a masochistic action
In: Diseases of the Nervous System, Vol. 21, 1960, pp. 30-?
[Ber69] Berz, Ulrich, 1969
Die Bedeutung der Sittenwidrigkeit für die rechtfertigende Einwilligung
In: Goltdammers Archiv für Strafrecht, 1969, pp. 145-152
Language: German
[Bie65] Biermann, G., 1965
Kritik zu: Hävernick, W. (Schläge als Strafe, 1964)
In: Psyche, Vol. 19, 1965, pp. ?-?
Language: German
[Blu65] Blüher, Hans, 1965
Studien zur Inversion und Perversion: Das uralte Phänomen der geschlechtlichen Inversion in natürlicher Sicht
Publisher: F. Decker, Schmiden
Language: German
[Ble64] Bledsoe, Robert, 1964
Male Sexual Deviations and Bizarre Practices
Publisher: Sherbourne Press, Los Angeles
[Ble64a] Bledsoe, Robert, 1964
Female Sexual Deviations and Bizarre Practices
Publisher: Sherbourne Press, Los Angeles
[Blo67] Bloch, Iwan, 1967
Die anthropologische Betrachtung der Psychopathia sexualis
in: Giese, Hans (ed.): Die sexuelle Perversion, pp. 109-128
Publisher: Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, Frankfurt/M.
Language: German
[Bon67] Bond, Alma H., 1967
Sadomasochistic Patterns in an 18-Month-Old Child
In: International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol. 48, 1967, pp. 596-603
[BE67] Bond, I.K. / Evans, D.R., 1967
Avoidance therapy: Its use in two cases of underwear fetishism
In: Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol. 96, No. 16, 1967, pp. 1160-1162
Abstract:  "A pilot study in the use of a modified form of avoidance therapy in the treatment of fetishism is described. The theory and method are reported in conjunction with their use and result in 2 cases of underwear fetishism." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Bou65] Bouillier, Francisque, 1965
Du plaisir et de la douleur
Publisher: Germer-Baillière, Paris
Language: French
Notes:  XI/159 pages
[Boy68a] Boyer, P.S., 1968
Purity in Print - The Vice Society Movement and Book Censorship in America
Publisher: MISSING, New York
[Boy68] Boyle, Lance, 1968
The Changing Sexual Deviant
Publisher: Triumph News, Triumph Fact, Van Nuys, CA
[Bra67] Braun, Walter, 1967
The Cruel and the Meek: Aspects of Sadism and Masochism, Being Pages from a Sexologist's Notebook
Publisher: Lyle Stuart, New York
[Bre69] Brecher, Edward M., 1969
The Sex Researchers
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company, Boston, Toronto
[Bre61] Brettner, Heinz, 1961
Masochismus, Pyromanie, Schizophrenie? Feuertod auf dem eigenen Scheiterhaufen
In: Kriminalistik, Vol. , No. ?, 1961, pp. 264-266
Language: German
[Bro65a] Bromberg, Norbert, 1965
Maternal Influences in the Development of Moral Masochism
In: The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Vol. 25, No. 4, 1965, pp. 802-812
Abstract:  Abstract see → Bie00.
[Bro65] Brown, J., 1965
A Behavioral Analysis of Masochism
In: Journal of Experimental Research Perspectives, Vol. 1, 1965, pp. 65-70
Abstract:  "In examining masochism from a behavior-theory viewpoint, stimulus-situation properties such as noxiousness are revealed as usefully defined only in terms of behavior. But since a given situation may be approached by one organism and avoided by another, its pleasantness or aversiveness is entirely relative to the behavior chosen as the foundation for one's definition. The "pleasure in pain" of the masochist involves two such contradictory behavior-based statements since the situations he approaches are sometimes avoided by others. By shifts of primary emphasis, any of numerous pairs of behavioral observations may be used to define either masochism or its opposite, hedonophobia. Mechanisms capable of producing unlike reactions to the same situation are considered."
[BMM64] Brown, J.S. / Martin, R.C. / Morrow, M., 1964
Self-punitive behaviour in the rat: facilitative effects of punishment on resistance to extinction
In: Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, Vol. 57, 1964, pp. 127-133
[BB64] Bullough, Vern L. / Bullough, B.L., 1964
The History of Prostitution
Publisher: University Books, New Hyde Park, NY
[Cai68] Cain, J., 1968
From Masoch to masochism
In: Annales Médico-Psychologiques, Vol. 1, No. 4, 1968, pp. 621
Language: French
Abstract:  "Describes Sacher Masoch as having been 'as much a voyeur, exhibitionist, fetishist, as masochist.' His masochistic pursuits were pure fantasy. Evidence of his origin and true identity remain obscure." (APA/PsycINFO)
[CS66] Callieri, Bruno / Semerari, Aldo, 1966
Contributo Psicopatologico Al Problema Della Necrofilia
In: Sessuologia, Vol. 7, No. 1, 1966, pp. 1-21
Language: Italian
[Can66] Canguilhem, Georges, 1966
Le normal et le pathologique
Publisher: Presses universitaires de France, Paris
Language: French
Notes:  226 pages
[CB64] Caprio, Frank Samuel / Brenner, Donald, 1964
Sexual Behavior: Psycho-Legal Aspects
Publisher: Paperback Library, New York
[Car68] Carney, William, 1968
The Real Thing
Publisher: Putnam, New York
[Car64] Carstairs, G.H., 1964
Cultural differences in sexual deviation
in: Rosen, Ismond (ed.): The Pathology and Treatment of Sexual Deviation, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Oxford University Press, London
[CC67] Cath, S. / Cohen, H., 1967
Elbow rubbing and the wish to be beaten: a study of a case and the possible genesis of perversion
In: Israel Annals of Psychiatry and Related Disciplines, Vol. 5, No. 2, 1967, pp. 185-197
Abstract:  "Presents the case history of a neurotic male child who rubbed the elbows of his parents demonstrating the interdependence of autoerotic transitional and fetishistic behavior as he struggled to develop ego strength but tended towards sado-masochistic perversion in his object relationship. Source material was based on the mother's psychotherapy, a diary she kept throughout the boy's life, and psychological testing. It was hypothesized that, in both parents, there was evidence of a defective reality sense which included inadequate sexual differentiation and the retention of the delusion of the maternal phallus as a central theme. The probability of multiple pregenital fixations, the persistance of fantasy, and certain ego weaknesses (i.e., limited capacity for renunciation oand lack of empathic identification with love objects) was suggested. S's request to be beaten, in combination with the other factors, led to the hypothesis that masochism may be a prerequisite for love and that the present case may represent the genesis of a perversion." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Cla63] Clark, D.F., 1963
Fetishism treated by negative conditioning
In: British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 109, 1963, pp. 404-407
Abstract:  "A male girdle-wearer with no gross neuroticism - all MMPI scores being within ordinary limits - was treated with subcutaneous apomorphine twice daily for 16 sessions. 3-month follow-up suggested freedom from symptoms." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Cle67] Cleugh, James, 1967
The First Masochist: A Biography of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895)
Publisher: Anthony Blond, London
Notes:  216 pages. Also published 1967 by Stein & Day, New York, 220 pages.
[Cle69] Cleugh, James, 1969
Le premier masochiste: Sacher-Masoch
Publisher: Trévise, Paris
Language: French
Notes:  252 pages. French translation of → Cle67 by Andrée R. Picard.
[Coa64] Coates, S., 1964
Clinical Psychology in Sexual Deviation
in: Rosen, Ismond (ed.): The Pathology and Treatment of Sexual Deviation, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Oxford University Press, London
[Coh69] Cohen, Sydney, 1969
The Origin and Function of Sadistic Behavior
In: Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1969, pp. 3-7
[Coo63] Cooper, A.J., 1963
A case of fetishism and impotence treated by behaviour therapy
In: British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 109, 1963, pp. 649-652
Abstract:  "Effects 9 mo. after treatment were still impressive." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Cou65] Coulteray, Georges de, 1965
Sadism in the movies
Publisher: Medical Press, New York
Notes:  English translation of "Le Sadisme au Cinéma" (1964).
[Cro64] Cross, Harold H.U., 1964
The Cross Report on Perversion
Publisher: Softcover Library, New York
[Dam66] Damaskow, Friedrich, 1966
Verbotene Früchte. Pathologie der libidinösen Individual- und Kollektiv-Neurosen.
Publisher: Schmitz, München
Language: German
[Dam69] Damaskow, Friedrich, 1969
Die Algophilie - Abstrafung und körperliche Züchtigung im heterosexuellen Partnerschaftsverhältnis im Hinblick auf die psychopathologische Symptomatik der Algophilie. Eine vergleichende kasuistische Untersuchung.
Publisher: Chronos, München
Language: German
[Dan68] Danch, William, 1968
Sexual Perversion and the Teen-Ager
Publisher: Brandon House, North Hollywood
[DCA68] Darcourt, G. / Capdeville, C. / Albaranes, S., 1968
(Masochism, narcissism, and narcissistic masochism: A clinical study)
In: Annales Médico-Psychologiques, Vol. 1, No. 4, 1968, pp. 621
Language: French
Abstract:  "Reviews the principal traits of masochism and narcissism to demonstrate the opposition between their behavior structures, noting the difference between this relationship and the antithetical one between sadism and masochism. Lagache's notion on 'narcissistic masochism' is considered to have an original identity, without dependence on the association of signs from each category. This concept is discussed within the context of the 2 foregoing relationships, particularly with respect to its clinical applications." (APA/PsycINFO)
[DM60] Davies, B. / Morgenstern, F., 1960
A Case of Cysticerosis, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, and Transvestism
In: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Vol. 23, 1960, pp. 247-249
[Dav68] Davison, G.C., 1968
Elimination of a sadistic phantasy by a client-controlled counter-conditioning technique: a case study
In: The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol. 73, No. 1, 1968, pp. 84-90
[Del67] Deleuze, Gilles, 1967
Présentation de Sacher-Masoch. Le froid et le cruel. Avec le texte intégral de "La Vénus à la fourrure".
Publisher: Editions de Minuit, Paris
Language: French
Notes:  275 pages. With the entire text of "Venus in Furs", translated into French from → Sac70 by Aude Willm.
[Der69] Deran, P.L., 1969
Erotik am Abgrund
Publisher: Stephenson, Flensburg
Language: German
[Dou67] Doucet, Friedrich W., 1967
Sadismus und Masochismus
Publisher: Kindler, München
Language: German
[Dou69] Douglas, Jason, 1969
The Age of Perversion
Publisher: Luxor Press, London
[Dum68] Dumont, E., 1968
(A case of kleptomania)
In: Annales Médico-Psychologiques, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1968, pp. 304
Language: French
Abstract:  "Presents the case of a 28-yr-old male whose sexual desires were aroused on satisfying a need to defecate in the apartments he burglarized. The robberies were considered to be a consequence of the search for such sexual stimulation." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Dur67] Durgnant, Raymond, 1967
sexus eros kino: 60 Jahre Film als Sittenspiegel
Publisher: Wilhelm Heyne, München
Language: German
[Eid67] Eidelberg, L., 1967
A Contribution to the Study of Masochism
in: Ruitenbeek, Hendrik M. (ed.): The Psychotherapy of Perversions, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Citadel Press, New York
[Eis67] Eisenbud, Ruth-Jean, 1967
Masochism Revisited
In: Psychoanalysis Review, Vol. 54, 1967, pp. 561-582
[EA61] Ellis, Albert / Abarbanel, Albert, 1961
The Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior
Publisher: Hawthorn Books, New York
Notes:  2 volumes, 1059 pages
[Ene69] Enelow, M.L., 1969
Fetishism and murder: discussion
In: SPSA, Vol. 15, 1969, pp. 99-100
[Eps60] Epstein, Arthur W., 1960
Fetishism: A Study of Its Psychopathology With Particular Reference to a Proposed Disorder in Brain Mechanisms as an Etiological Factor
In: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Vol. 130, 1960, pp. 107-110
Abstract:  "In an attempt to gain greater understanding of fetishism, a case of the author's and documented cases in the literature are presented and analyzed. The psychodynamics of the fetishist are said to stem from a disturbance of cerebral physiology." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Eps61] Epstein, Arthur W., 1961
Relationship of Fetishism and Transvestism to Brain and Particularly to Temporal Lobe Disfunction
In: The Journal of nervous and mental disease, Vol. 133, 1961, pp. 247-253
Abstract:  "5 cases of fetishism and cross-dressing are presented in support of a brain dysfunction theory of these disorders." (Psyc Abstracts)
[Eps69] Epstein, Arthur W., 1969
Fetishism: a comprehensive view
in: Masserman, Jules E. (ed.): Dynamics of Deviant Sexuality → Mas69 Vol. 15, pp. 81-87
Publisher: Grune & Stratton, New York, London
[Fue69] Fürstauer, Johanna, 1969
Dolly und die Peitsche (... brennende Hiebe auf meinem nackten Popo ...)
Publisher: Exakt, Konstanz
Language: German
[Fue69a] Fürstauer, Johanna, 1969
... mit Rohrstock und Peitsche. Eine Sittengeschichte der Flagellomanie.
Publisher: Exakt-Verlag, Konstanz
Language: German
[Fae67] Faergeman, P.M., 1967
Perversität, Pornographie und Entrüstung
Publisher: Kala, Hamburg
Language: German
[Fai68] Fain, M., 1968
Analyse du Masochisme Inadapté
In: Revue Française de Psychanalyse, Vol. 32, 1968, pp. 145-149
Language: French
[FMM68] Feldman, M.P. / MacCulloch, M.J. / MacCulloch, Mary L., 1968
The aversion therapy treatment of a heterogeneous group of five cases of sexual deviation
In: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, Vol. 44, No. 2, 1968, pp. 113-123
Abstract:  "Describes the case histories and response to treatment of 5 patients, displaying sexual deviations other than homosexuality, who had been treated by anticipatory avoidance learning. Only 2 of these Ss have responded successfully to treatment. It is concluded that a response to treatment is closely related both to preexisting psychopathology and to the S's social setting. Detailed pretreatment assessment of these factors and attention to them in the treatment situation are as essential to successful therapy as a sound and carefully applied learning technique." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Fie61] Fielitz, Hans, 1961
Anerzogener Masochismus
Publisher: Eruditor, Oberndorf
Language: German
[Fin62] Finkelstein, J., 1962
A Propos De Quelques Conduites Masochiques
In: Revue Française De Psychanalyse, Vol. 26, 1962, pp. 67-86
Language: French
[Foo69] Fookes, B.H., 1969
Some experiences in the use of aversion therapy in male homosexuality, exhibitionism and fetishism-transvestism
In: British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 115, 1969, pp. 339-341
Abstract:  "Summarizes experiences of 5 yr. of treatment of 27 cases of sexual disorders. Success ranged from 60% with homosexuality to 100% with fetishism-transvestism, and no harmful effects of aversion treatments were discernible. The patients welcomed the changes, consisting of the loss of desire for the perversion." (APA/PsycINFO)
[FB68] Ford, Clellan S. / Beach, Frank A., 1968
Formen der Sexualität. Das Sexualverhalten bei Mensch und Tier.
Publisher: Rowohlt, Reinbek
Language: German
[Fou61] Foucault, Michel, 1961
Folie et déraison. Histoire de la folie a l'âge classique.
Publisher: Plon, Paris
Language: French
[Fre63] Freud, Sigmund, 1963
Sexuality and the psychology of love
Publisher: Collier/Macmillian, New York
Notes:  X, 213 pp.
Abstract:  From the cover: "The importance of sexuality and infantilism in shaping individual destiny sets the general theme for these groundbreaking studies. Elaborating his now-famous frustration theory, Freud dramatically illustrates how a person's sexuality can be stifled to the point of neurosis by a sex-scared society. With utter frankness, he explains various aspects of homosexuality, incest, frigidity, impotence, masochism, sadism, and fetishism."
[FK65] Freund, Kurt / Kolárský, A., 1965
Grundzüge eines einfachen Bezugssystems für die Analyse sexueller Deviationen
In: Psychiatrie, Neurologie und medizinische Psychologie, Vol. 17, 1965, pp. 221-225
Language: German
[Gag68] Gagnon, J.H., 1968
Sexual Behavior: Deviation: Social aspects
in: (ed.): The International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences Vol. 14, pp. 215-221
Publisher: Crowell-Collier, New York
[GS67] Gagnon, John / Simon, William, 1967
Sexual Deviance
Publisher: Harper and Row, New York
[Gea64] Gear, Norman, 1964
Dämon Marquis de Sade. Eine Biographie.
Publisher: List, München
Language: German
[Geb68] Gebhard, Paul H., 1968
Fetishism and Masochism
Paper presented at Winter Meeting of American Academy of Psychoanalysis, New Orleans
[Geb69] Gebhard, Paul H., 1969
Fetishism and Sadomasochism
in: Masserman, Jules E. (ed.): Dynamics of Deviant Sexuality → Mas69 Vol. 15, pp. 71-80
Publisher: Grune & Stratton, New York, London
[Geb62] Gebsattel, Victor Emil von, 1962
in: Giese, Hans (ed.): Psychopathologie der Sexualität, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Enke, Stuttgart
Language: German
[Ger62] Gero, George, 1962
Sadism, Masochism, and Aggression: Their Role in Symptom-Formation
In: Psychoanalytic Quarterly, Vol. ?, 1962, pp. 3131-3142
Abstract:  Abstract see → Bie00.
[Gie62] Giese, Hans, 1962
Psychopathologie der Sexualität
Publisher: Enke, Stuttgart
Language: German
[Gie65] Giese, Hans, 1965
Das obszöne Buch Series: Beiträge zur Sexualforschung, Vol. 35
Publisher: Enke, Stuttgart
Language: German
[Gie67a] Giese, Hans, 1967
Probleme der abnormen Sexualität
in: Saller, K. (ed.): Sexualität heute, pp. ?-?
Publisher: MISSING, München
Language: German
[Gie67] Giese, Hans (ed.), 1967
Die sexuelle Perversion
Publisher: Akademische Verlagsanstalt, Frankfurt/M.
Language: German
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
[GS68] Giese, Hans / Schmidt, Gunter, 1968
Studenten-Sexualität - Verhalten und Einstellung
Publisher: Rowohlt, Reinbek
Language: German
[Gil64] Gillespie, W.H., 1964
The Psycho-Analytic Theory of Sexual Deviation with Special Reference to Fetishism
in: Rosen, Ismond (ed.): The Pathology and Treatment of Sexual Deviation, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Oxford University Press, London
[Gil65] Gillette, Paul J., 1965
An Uncensored History of Pornography
Publisher: Holloway House, Los Angeles
[Gil66] Gillette, Paul J., 1966
Psychodynamics of Unconventional Sex Behavior and Unusual Practices
Publisher: Holloway House, Los Angeles
[Gil67] Gillette, Paul J., 1967
Abartiges Sexualverhalten und ungewöhnliche Sexualpraktiken
Publisher: Lichtenberg im Kindler Verlag, München
Language: German
[Gla67] Glassco, John, 1967
Harriet Marwood, Governess
Publisher: Grove Press, New York
Notes:  First US edition, anonymously. Masquerade Books reprinted it as "The English Governess", in the 1990s. Also translated into German as → Poo67.
Abstract:  "This is ... the first appearence of the text as the author meant it, the earlier printings of the work by Olympia Press in Paris 'spiced' up the sex action."
When Lord Lovell´s son was expelled form his prep school for masturbation, his father hired a very proper gouverness to tutor the boy - giving her strict instructions not to spare the rod to break him of his bad habits. But gouverness Harriet Marwood was addicted to domination. The downward path to perversion" (Masquerade)
[Glo64] Glover, E., 1964
Aggression and sado-masochism
in: Rosen, Ismond (ed.): The Pathology and Treatment of Sexual Deviation, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Oxford University Press, London
[Gor64] Gorman, G.F., 1964
Fetishism occurring in identical twins
In: British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 110, 1964, pp. 255-256
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Abstract:  "An operant conditioning measure is described, which showed that faradic shocks were aversive in a patient whose fetishism was associated with masochism. The patient's response was in keeping with expectations drawn from the initial measures, since faradic aversion produced rapid improvement of the masochism with subsequent improvement of the fetishism, and increased enjoyment of normal sexual relations. The operant conditioning and semantic differential measures accurately reflected clinical changes after treatment, and are useful to assess progress. Masochism does not necessarily contra-indicate aversion treatment." (APA/PsycINFO)
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Unusual Sex Acts, Practices and Perversions
Publisher: Medco Books, Los Angeles
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Paranoia and Masochism: Stages on the Road to Despair
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K otázce koincidence homosexuality u muže s bisexuálni zoofilií a k některým příbuzným otázkám
In: Československá Psychologie, Vol. 7, 1963, pp. ?-?
Language: Czech with English summary
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Systém sexuálních deviací ve dvou hrubých dimensích a jedna z výkladových hypothés jejich mechanismu
in: Sborník (ed.): Kybernetika a její využití, pp. ?-?
Publisher: MISSING, Praha
Language: Czech with English summary
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Cifrový model ražby, fetišismu a příbuzných poruch
In: Československá Psychologie, Vol. FEHLT, 1965, pp. ?-?
Language: Czech with English summary
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Logické modely sexuálnich deviací v objektu
School: Univerzita Karlova, Praha
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Anfragen aus der sexuellen Intimsphäre des Menschen
School: Universität Hamburg, Medizinische Fakultät
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Fetishism. Sexual Nature of Erotic Symbolism.
Publisher: Epic Publishing, New York
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Die Gouvernante
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Publisher: Hanser, München
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L'être du balbutiement
Publisher: Mercure de France, Paris
Language: French
Notes:  191 pages
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Geschichte der O
Publisher: Melzer, Darmstadt
Language: German
[Rea69] Réage, Pauline, 1969
Rückkehr nach Roissy
Publisher: Melzer, Darmstadt
Language: German
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Sexual fetishism: an experimental analogue
In: The Psychological Record, Vol. 16, No. 3, 1966, pp. 293-296
Abstract:  "Conditioned sexual responses to a pair of female boots were established by the following method. A colored photographic slide was repeatedly projected on a screen immediately prior to the presentation of slides of sexually arousing nude women. The criterion of 5 successive sexual responses to the boots was attained by the 3 Ss in 30, 65, and 24 trials, respectively. Extinction and spontaneous recovery were also demonstrated." (APA/PsycINFO)
[RH68] Rachman, S. / Hodgson, R.J., 1968
Experimentally induced 'sexual fetishism': replication and development
In: Psychological Record, Vol. 18, No. 1, 1968, pp. 25-27
Abstract:  "5 Ss were conditioned to give sexual response to a photograph of a pair of knee-length boots (cs) and then the response was extinguished by repeated presentation of the cs alone. Another condition (backward conditioning) was included to control for the possibility of pseudoconditioning. None of the Ss reached the criterion in this control condition." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Ras62] Rasch, 1962
in: Giese, Hans (ed.): Psychopathologie der Sexualität, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Enke, Stuttgart
Language: German
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Sexual disorders and behavior therapy
In: American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 118, 1961, pp. 235-240
Abstract:  "An account is given of the available results of behavior therapy in the treatment of sexual disorders. To date attempts have been made to treat impotence, frigidity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, transvestism, fetishism and homosexuality. The results suggest that the methods of behavior therapy can be applied with success in treating sexual disorders. Some additional suggestions are made." (Psyc Abstracts)
[RO65] Raymond, Michael / O'Keeffe, Kevin, 1965
A case of pin-up fetishism treated by aversion conditioning
In: British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 111, 1965, pp. 579-581
Abstract:  "A single case of a 23-yr-old male who had 2 aversion treatments per day for 2 wk. and lost his symptoms. Follow-up 22 mo. later showed continued freedom from symptoms." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Ray67] Raymond, Michael J., 1967
Treatment by Revulsion
In: Mental Health, Vol. 26, No. 1, 1967, pp. 24-25
Abstract:  "The application of aversion therapy (Pavlov) in treating sexually deviant behavior is explained. Aversion conditioning can be produced pharmacologically with the use of apomorphine or emetine, which induce nausea, or electrically. The uses of the 2 methods are described and briefly compared. it is noted that in regard to the former, 'the alternative unpleasant response is experienced as occurring within the individual as opposed to the shock, which is obviously inflicted by the contemporaneous act of the therapist, and which may easily be interpreted as purely punitive.' However, the latter method is simpler and less time-consuming." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Rei68] Reiche, Reimut, 1968
Sexualität und Klassenkampf. Zur Abwehr repressiver Entsublimierung. Series: Probleme sozialistischer Politik 9,
Publisher: Verlag Neue Kritik, Frankfurt/M.
Language: German
[Rie68] Riemann, Fritz, 1968
Psychoanalyse der Perversionen
(Psychoanalysis of perversions)
In: Psychosomatische Medizin, Vol. 14, No. 1, 1968, pp. 3-15
Language: German
Abstract:  "Discusses the formation of deviations in relation to child development. Perversion formation is seen as a function of neurotic repetition of the inability to love and succeed in a love relationship. Sexual deviants have common family background characteristics such as difficulty in role identification. Psychotherapy is the treatment of choice. Success depends upon the individual's developing the ability to love." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Rit68] Ritchie, George G. Jr., 1968
The use of hypnosis in a case of exhibitionism
In: Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, Vol. 5, No. 1, 1968, pp. 40-43
Abstract:  "Presents a case report of a 23-yr-old male. A compulsion toward exhibitionism, arising from castration fear, was ended through hypnotic suggestions." (APA/PsycINFO)
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The Pathology and Treatment of Sexual Deviation
Publisher: Oxford University Press, London
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Das Korsett im Wandel der Zeiten
Publisher: Kunzmann, Pforzheim
Language: German
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Die "guten Sitten" als aktuelles Auslegungsproblem
In: Juristische Rundschau, Vol. ?, 1965, pp. 210-212
Language: German
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Verwerflichkeit und Sittenwidrigkeit als unrechtsbegründende Merkmale im Strafrecht
In: Juristische Schulung, Vol. ?, 1964, pp. 371-?
Language: German
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On Beating Phantasies
In: International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol. 46, 1965, pp. 315-?
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Deviance: The Interactionist Perspective
Publisher: Macmillan, New York
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Sexual perversions: Some dynamic considerations
In: American Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol. 29, No. 1, 1969, pp. 94-105
Abstract:  "Studied 8 clinical cases involving exhibitionism, voyeurism, haircutting fetishism, and transvestism to show that (1) disturbance of sexual function produces disturbances in other areas of living, (2) there are correlations between fluctuations in perverse activity and changes in dynamic personality factors, and (3) these deviations can be treated by long-term psychoanalytic therapy." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Rub68] Rubio, José, 1968
(A case of apparent necrophilia)
In: Revista de Psicoanalisis Psiquiatria y Psicologia, Vol. ?, 1968, pp. 17-31
Abstract:  "Presents a case study of a 34-yr-old male with symptoms suggestive of necrophilia, and examines Freud's concept of oral and anal regression levels, as well as Fromm's observation that necrophilia is a 'malignant form of the anal character,' in which dreams provided the clearest manifestation." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Rui67] Ruitenbeek, Hendrik M. (ed.), 1967
The Psychotherapy of Perversions
Publisher: Citadel Press, New York
Notes:  452 pp.
Abstract:  Presents studies from the literature on perversions with representative case histories.
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Confession de ma vie
Publisher: Tchou, Paris
Language: French
Notes:  311 pages, with a preface by Pascal Pia
[Sac67a] Sacher-Masoch, Wanda von, 1967
Confessioni della mia vita
Publisher: Blu, Roma
Language: Italian
Notes:  316 pages. Italian translation of → Sac06.
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Masochism: An Empirical Analysis
In: Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 62, No. 3, 1964, pp. 197-204
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Betrachtungen über den Sado-Masochismus und dessen Erscheinungsformen
In: Zeitung für Psychotherapie und Medizinische Psychologie, Vol. 14, 1964, pp. 62-74
Language: German
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Sexuelle Partnerschaft in Ehe und Gesellschaft (Variationen und Perversionen)
Publisher: Freyja, Schmiden
Language: German
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
[Sch68] Schlichtegroll, Carl Felix von, 1968
Wanda sans masque et sans fourrure. Suivi des Nouvelles confessions de Wanda de Sacher-Masoch.
Publisher: Tchou, Paris
Language: French
Notes:  XVIII/259 pages. French translation of → Sch06.
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Nachtseiten der Liebe. Von Verirrungen des Geschlechtslebens. Aus den Akten der Kriminalpolizei.
Publisher: A. Müller, Rüschlikon
Language: German
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Zur Frage des Vorurteils gegenüber sexuell devianten Gruppen
Publisher: Enke, Stuttgart
Language: German
Archived at: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin
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Mann und Frau intim: Fragen des gesunden und des gestörten Geschlechtslebens
1st edition
Publisher: Greifenverlag, Rudolstadt
Language: German
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Der Nachtportier
Publisher: Rowohlt, Reinbek
Language: German
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Autoerotische Unfälle
In: Archiv für Kriminologie, Vol. 137, 1966, pp. 17-24
Language: German
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Die sexuelle Perversion, ihre Differentialdiagnose und Therapie
In: Monatsschrift für Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform, Vol. 49, 1966, pp. 253-262
Language: German
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Sexualität und Jugendgefährdung
In: Ärztliche Praxis, Vol. 18, 1966, pp. 2207-2208
Language: German
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Sexualität in der Wissenschaft - Rückblick und Ausblick
in: (ed.): Sexualität ist nicht pervers. Vorträge und Diskussion im Rahmen einer Informationsreihe, veranstaltet vom Verband Sozialistischer Studenten Österreichs in der Zeit vom 16. bis 20. Oktober 1967 an der Universität Wien., pp. 69-83
Publisher: Europa Verlag, Wien, Frankfurt, Zürich
Language: German
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Notes on "A Child is Being Beaten"
In: The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, Vol. 35, 1966, pp. 357-?
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Die medizinische Flagellation unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Meibom, Bartholin und Paullini Series: Zürcher medizingeschichtliche Abhandlungen, Vol. 9
Publisher: Juris, Zürich
Language: German
[Sig68] Sigusch, Volkmar, 1968
Das Antipathiegefälle gegenüber sexuell devianten Gruppen
(The decline of antipathy in relation to sexual deviant groups)
In: Nervenarzt, Vol. 39, No. 3, 1968, pp. 114-123
Language: German
Abstract:  "Investigated the intensity of emotional aversion and/or rejection to each of 8 categories of sexual deviants. Ss were divided into 3 groups. Group 1 was comprised of 169 male and 139 female 20-60 yr. old Ss having various educational backgrounds and religions. Group 2 was comprised of (56 male and 49 female college students. Group 3 was comparised of 91 male homosexuals. Ss were given a questionnaire having 28 possible pair combinations. Thurstone's method of paired comparison was used, and judgment differences were scaled according to the law of comparative judgment. Specific tables of results were provided. In general, the following were noted: (1) each sex group rejected the homosexual group of the same sex more than the homosexual group of the opposite sex, (2) significant judgment differences (chi-square) were found between Ss of different religions, (3) homosexual males showed less antipathy toward homosexual females and pedophiles, and (4) homosexual males accorded the same rank order of antipathy (aversion) to all other categories of sexual deviation as did nonhomosexual males." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Smi69] Smirnoff, Victor N., 1969
The Masochistic Contract
In: International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, Vol. 50, No. 4, 1969, pp. 665-671
Notes:  Also published in → Han95.
Abstract:  "Describes Sacher-Masoch's 1870 contract with his wife. She was to flog him and mistreat him and he, in turn, would eliminate cruel women from his novels. This whipping fetish is presumably related to Sacher-Masoch's witnessing his aunt's adultery, his subsequent discovery, and his severe punishment. This is interpreted as a screen memory. Love object here plays 2 roles; pure and loving and harsh and sensual." (APA/PsycINFO)
[SB69] Snow, E. / Bluestone, H., 1969
Fetishism and murder
in: Masserman, Jules E. (ed.): Dynamics of Deviant Sexuality → Mas69 Vol. 15, pp. ?-?
Publisher: Grune & Stratton, New York, London
[Soc60] Socarides, Charles W., 1960
The Development of a Fetishistic Perversion
In: Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Vol. 8, 1960, pp. 281-311
Abstract:  "The patient's preoedipal mother fixation led to a primary female identification, a prolonged clinging to the transitional object, the wish to bear a child, a fetishistic perversion, and an intensity of anal and oral aggressive drives and fantasies. Both preoedipal and oedipal conflicts are mutually interrelated so that a differentiation as to causative process is very difficult." (APA/PsycINFO)
[SB67] Solyom, Leslie / Beck, Philip R., 1967
GSR Assessment of aberrant sexual behavior
In: International Journal of Neuropsychiatry, Vol. 3, No. 1, 1967, pp. 52-59
Abstract:  "A preliminary study is presented in which 4 patients with sexually aberrant behavior were shown photographs of their sexually stimulating object while their GSRs were measured. The responses were compared with those elicited by neutral and heterosexual stimuli. Analysis of the results indicates that responses to the particular sexual stimuli are stronger and more prolonged. The significance of this method for diagnosis and treatment is discussed." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Ste60] Stein, Conrad, 1960
Inversion Sado-Masochique du Complexe d'Oedipe et Relation d'Objet Paranoïaque
In: Revue Française De Psychanalyse, Vol. 24, 1960, pp. 301-332
Language: French
[Ste68] Stewart, Sidney, 1968
Quelques Aspects Théoretiques du Fétichisme
(Some theoretical aspects of fetishism)
In: Interpretation, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1968, pp. 83-103
Language: French
Abstract:  "Discusses contradictory theories in the literature, noting that fetishism has practically never been studied from the structural angle. Analysis of a personal case (a male patient whose fetish was an enema bag filled with very hot water, who sought treatment not for the purpose of ridding himself of his fetish, but because of associated sado-masochistic fantasies which he feared transforming into action) illustrates 4 points. (a) Fetishism has the same sado-masochistic structure as that described by Freud in 'A child is being beaten.' (b) Fetishism represents only part of the splitting process each element of the fantasy and ritual is devised in such a way that each has 2 totally opposed meanings, simultaneously representing and denying the representation. (c) In the fantasy, the object is also divided in an attempt to preserve the erotic attachment. (d) In regressing to the sadic-anal phase, the fetishist accomplishes in a particular manner a 'splitting' of the identification process, thus endeavoring to avoid castration anxiety while retaining his mother as sexual object, and, at the same time, negating this attachment by making his father a homosexual object. To appease the superego, the homosexual object is disguised as female, but the fetishist denies that this is a representation of his mother." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Sto64] Storr, Anthony, 1964
Sexual Deviation
Publisher: Penguin, Harmondsworth/Baltimore
[Str68] Strange, Nicholas, 1968
The Sado-Masochistic Lesbian
Publisher: Echelon, Los Angeles
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Aversion therapy in a case of fetishism with transvestistic component
In: Journal of Sex Research, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1967, pp. 163-167
Abstract:  "Presents a case of fetishism in an 18-yr-old boy. S was treated by means of aversion therapy. The course of treatment and its successful outcome are described." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Tue66] Tüllmann, Adolf, 1966
Sex und Liebe in USA
Publisher: Günther, Stuttgart
Language: German
[Tab64] Tabachnick, Norman, 1964
Failure and Masochism
In: American Journal of Psychotherapy, Vol. 18, 1964, pp. 304-316
[Tar67] Tarnowsky, Benjamin, 1967
Perversität des Geschlechtssinnes
in: Giese, Hans (ed.): Die sexuelle Perversion, pp. 36-49
Publisher: Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, Frankfurt/M.
Language: German
[The60] Thelen, Friedrich, 1960
Die Welt der Flagellanten
Publisher: Lassen, Hamburg
Language: German
[The63] Thelen, Friedrich, 1963
Das Verhalten der Flagellanten in Realität und Phantasie
Publisher: Lassen, Hamburg
Language: German
[Tho67] Thorne, Melvin Q. Jr., 1967
Marital and LSD therapy with a transvestite and his wife
In: Journal of Sex Research, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1967, pp. 169-177
Abstract:  "Presents a case report of a 43-yr-old male, who was a transvestite, drug addict, alcoholic, and a sadomasochist, and his 33-yr-old wife. 'Observations of the symptomatology, etiology, and treatment of a transvestite' are presented. 20 therapy sessions were conducted. The purpose of therapy was to help the S 'gain a better understanding of his need for this type of behavior.' The partners' relationships were sadomasochistic. The wife admitted having homosexual desires. After a 90-day treatment program, S was discharged and the couple continued outpatient treatment. At lst, his acceptance of himself was improved, but his addiction continued. At the time of S's sudden death, however, he had been free from drugs for 4 mo. and was warning young people about the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs." (APA/PsycINFO)
[Tis67] Tissot, M., 1967
Der Onanismus, seine hintergründigen Gefahren
in: Giese, Hans (ed.): Die sexuelle Perversion, pp. 10-18
Publisher: Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, Frankfurt/M.
Language: German
[Tro69] Trocchi, Alexander, 1969
Publisher: Olympia Press, Darmstadt
Language: German
[Ull64] Ullerstam, Lars, 1964
De seksuelle minoriteter
Publisher: Pax, Oslo
Language: Swedish
Abstract:  "The Swedish medical doctor Lars Ullerstam's book had a considerable influence to inform people about sexual diversiveness in Scandinavia in the 1960s." (Svein Skeid)
[Ull65] Ullerstam, Lars, 1965
Die sexuellen Minderheiten
Publisher: Kala Verlag, Hamburg
Language: German
Notes:  German translation of → Ull64, with a preface and notes by Dr. med. Willhart S. Schlegel
[Und60] Underwood, Miles (i.e. John Glassco), 1960
Under the Birch: The Story of an English Governess
Publisher: Olympia Press, Paris
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A propos d'un cas de cleptolagnie de caractère homophilique
In: Acta Neurologica et Psychiatrica Belgica, Vol. 64, No. 7, 1964, pp. 753-762
Language: French
Abstract:  "A case of kleptolagnia is reported. This relatively rare observation differs from kleptomania by the fact that the impulse to steal is associated with erotic fetishism." (APA/PsycINFO)
[VK64] Vanden Berg, Richard L. / Kelly, John F., 1964
Vampirism: a Review with New Observations
In: Archives of General Psychiatry, Vol. 11, 1964, pp. 543-547
Abstract:  Abstract see → Bie00.
[Vil68] Villeneuve, Roland, 1968
Grausamkeit und Sexualität. Sadistisch-flagellantische, pathologische, gesellschaftlich-machtpolitische und religiöse Hintergründe der Leibes- und Todesstrafen, Hinrichtungsarten, Martern und Qualen bis in die Gegenwart in Wort und Bild.
Publisher: Decker, Wiesbaden
Language: German
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Transvestism: Definition and Evidence in Favour of Occasional Derivation From Cerebral Dysfunction
In: International Journal of Neuropsychiatry, Vol. 1, 1965, pp. 567-573
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Höllenfahrt des Marquis de Sade: Roman aus dem Leben eines Erotomanen
Publisher: Franz Decker Verlag Nachf., Schmiden
Language: German
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Venus Perversa: Unheimliche Liebe, grausame Ekstasen
3rd edition
Publisher: Perseus, München
Language: German
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Die Peitschenengel
Publisher: Olympia Press, Darmstadt
Language: German
Notes:  German translation of → Bat55, censored in Germany.
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Rohrstock in Schule und Heim
Publisher: Symposion, Stuttgart
Language: German
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Self-Destruction and Sexual Perversion
in: Shneidman, E.S. (ed.): Essays in Self-Destruction, pp. 265-299
Publisher: Science House, New York
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Bemerkungen zu einem thanatophilen Aspekt des Masochismus
In: Psyche, Vol. 11, 1962, pp. 641-650
Language: German
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Untersuchungen zur Häufigkeit des Flagellatismus: Unter Berücksichtigung der veränderten Einstellung zur Prügelstrafe
School: Medizinische Fakultät, Leipzig
Language: German
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Publisher: Lancer Books, New York
[Woo64] Wootwark, L.T., 1964
Publisher: MISSING, New York
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International classification of diseases: manual of the international statistical classification of diseases, injuries, and causes of death, based on the recommendations of the Eighth Revision Conference, 1965, and adopted by the Nineteenth World Health Assembly
Publisher: WHO, Geneva
[WHO68] World Health Organization (ed.), 1968
Internationale Klassifikation der Krankheiten: 8. Revision
Publisher: Karger, Basel, New York
Language: German
Notes:  German translation of → WHO67.
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Die sexuelle Perversion und die psychiatrisch-forensische Bedeutung der Sittlichkeitsdelikte
In: Psychiatrie der Gegenwart, Vol. 3, 1961, pp. ?-?
Language: German
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Ein eigenartiger Fall von Sadismus und Fetischismus mit Frauensohlen
In: Archiv für Kriminologie, Vol. 140, 1967, pp. 32-40
Language: German

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